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    A Homeless Origin France Write a book and so Bestseller

    Monday, December 28, 2015, December 28, 2015 EDT Last Updated 2015-12-29T03:04:40Z
    Photo: Telegraph
    French homeless man who for 27 years lived on the streets, toolbar lantung and beg mercy of passersby have a story amazing story. Man named Jean-Marie Roughol wrote a book entitled 'Je tape la manche: Une vie dans la rue (My Life As A Panhandler: A Life on the Streets) as thick as 176 pages.

    Uniquely, the book sold more than 50 thousand copies and making it the best-selling book later this year. Roughol, who is now aged 47 years. began to record the story of his life two years ago.

    "I wrote it while sitting on a park bench, in a former paper sheet that I found on the street," he said, quoted by the Telegraph, Tuesday (29/12/2015).

    The story of his life changed when Roughol met with former French Interior Minister Jean-Louis Debre. At that time, he offered to keep her bike while the former minister of shopping on the Champs-Ã ?? Lysa © es.

    From there, his friendship existed until he knows Roughol like to write a diary. Later, her best friend is offered to type it on the computer and editing them for free.

    Roughol story was ogled by renowned French publisher. Although it has appeared in the television screen but Roughol remain in the street while waiting for profits from his book.

    "I was given a down payment and use it to buy a smartphone. Jean-Louis said that I have a Facebook account and create a profile picture. I chose my picture along with rat on the shoulder," he said happy.

    His book sold more than 50 thousand copies of copies. Within 10 months, Roughol will receive royalties from his work. (tia / dal)


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