An Image Created from the Joint 500 Photos

Can you believe that this time you're staring 500 photos in a picture?
Tiemen Rapati, an artist who came from England combines 500 images in an image.
Tiemen Rapati, an artist who came from England downloaded 500 photos from a Flickr user named clickflashwhirr social media and combine them into a picture. As reported by the, Tuesday (12/22/2015).

This image making style has been popular among photographers, since the project from photographer Noah Kalina Everyday is so interesting. This style began in 2000, can be applied in the form of video and have so grown in recent years.

However, the approach taken Rapati in this figure is a new, interesting and complex in the world of art.
Rapati explains, "I'm just counting the RGB of each pixel in every individual and in every photo, and dividing by the number of photos there."
1 Figure It Is Combined From 500 Photos!
Initially he just combines 400 images, but in the end he added another 100 photos to complete. Exciting!

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