Audi Start Smart Tech Lighting Apply to All Models

London - Audi that since some time ago to develop light-based smart lighting tech laser technology began to spread the light to a number of countries. Britain became the first country to enjoy the technology.
As reported Carscoops, Friday (25/2015), Audi called the high-intensity LED light and low energy, it has been available in all Audi models in the UK. Both lights Day Running Light, LED lamp, or LED Matrix unit in Audi cars in the UK have been using laser technology.

Initially, tech lights that can only be found in the latest generation of the Audi R8. In addition there are at Audi vehicles were ordered by using the spec S-Line package with LED lights DRL

Technically, this tech lights still maintaining constant hi-beam without dazzling the vehicles coming from the opposite opposites. However, the lights that give maximum illumination for the driver of the car.

Way of operation is quite easy because it uses an electronic system. Each unit can be lit or was automatically dimmed when the car ran into another car, so the light does not dazzle the car from the opposite direction.

(arf / arf)

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