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    Can not Defecate Every Day? The doctor said do not worry

    Wednesday, December 30, 2015, December 30, 2015 EDT Last Updated 2015-12-31T06:00:27Z
    Brisbane, Many of us believe defecation should be done every day. When one day elapsed without a bowel movement at all, not a few of us who think that the case of constipation.
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    Yet this is not entirely true. A study published in the journal Gut suggests, 'behavior' gut each person varies greatly, even more of the 'behavior' intestines erratic.
    As a result, only less than half the population are regular bowel movements every day. The rest is uncertain. "If nothing is excluded, so be it," said the surgeon Colerectal of Brisbane, Andrew Bell was quoted as saying by ABC Australia, Thursday (12/31/2015).

    Interestingly, many people panicked when the stomach is not churning up a day or two, especially routine bowel movements are also said to be an indicator of good health. As a solution, they were taking the drug better known as laxatives or laxatives.
    "My father's mother in the 50s or 60s usually their children will wake up in the morning to defecate and forbid them to play if not defecate first. Though it is not natural," said Bell.
    Constipation will not happen as long as the persons concerned maintain their normal diet and regular exercise. So there is no reason to take laxatives, even should be avoided.
    Bell adds, constipation is more common in women, especially the young. Not only constipation, these women are also at risk of developing the symptoms associated with constipation such as bloating and abdominal pain.

    Unfortunately, because many people overdo convinced that there can be 'pup' every day is a bad sign, the consumption of laxatives actually increased. In fact, according to experts, many of which later misused.
    A study from the University of Dakota in 2010 reveal bowel habits every day to encourage more people to take laxatives excessively. And if this is left unchecked, can result in renal impairment and cardiovascular system.

    People who are vulnerable to abuse laxatives, among others:
    1. People with eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia
    2. Athletes who want to reach your ideal weight
    3. Those who prefer to use laxatives to experience diarrhea to pretend so it looks as if I'm sick




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