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    Certificates for the care of Postel Mobile, Hard Not?

    Thursday, December 24, 2015, December 24, 2015 EDT Last Updated 2015-12-24T09:11:55Z
    Jakarta - Before display in a shop window or sold to the consumer, all phones that enter Indonesia, must have a certificate Postel were administered to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.
    Postel Detik
    Director General of Resources and Information Technology Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of Post M. Budi Setiawan asserted, if the phone is not equipped with a 'label approval' Kominfo then violating the rules.

    But actually like what Postel certification submission process that must be done vendor or importer before the device can be sold to consumers?

    The process consists of various kinds. There affairs of import licenses until the relevant testing should be done vendor or distributor of mobile phones to get the blessing of the certification of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Communications)

    Affairs device testing was conducted by the Office of Telecommunication Equipment Testing (BBPPT) under the Directorate General of Resources and Equipment of Post and Information Technology Ministry of Communications.

    Process through quite long, ranging from the initial registration until the device is tested and get certified so that the new may be marketed.

    In the first phase, vendors or distributors of telecommunications equipment have to take care of SP3 alias Letter Testing. This is the earliest stage that must be met before the products tested. This process is administrative in nature, can be said at this stage the extent vendors register their products.

    Because the initial registration device, the process to obtain SP3 can only be done in the building, which are located in the center Kominfo number Merdeka Barat, Jakarta. Only after the form SP3 obtained, further maintenance carried out in offices which are located in the area BBPPT NCO, Bekasi.

    BBPPT arrangement in which his name continues to SP2 (Tax Payment). The requirement is to include the care of SP2 SP3 that has taken care in building communication and information technology center.

    Well, while taking care of SP2 is the vendor required to carry a device which will be tested. In addition, the vendor should also include the technical specifications of the device.

    In applying SP2 in BBPPT there are fees to be paid, but not necessarily paid cash, but through a bank that has been designated by BBPPT. This method is effective because it can avoid the potential expense was clear.

    Once paid, then proceed to the submission of the testing arrangement. At this stage all the documents from SP3, until proof of payment SP2, as well as documents containing technical specifications, manuals, and others must be included.

    Including the test sample, the device to be tested. BBPPT require that samples of the Customer Premises Equipment CPE two units, and non-CPE by one unit.

    If all requirements are met document, called the testing process only takes about 21 working days. Thus began the process of receiving and checking the completeness of testing requirements, then proceed to testing. After the results obtained, the test results sent to the Directorate of Standardisation subsequently made to document test results.

    "The rule about 21 days completion (the testing process-ed). But sometimes there can be a quick, 14 days sometimes been completed (the test), "said one of the staff BBPPT detikINET when met at his office in NCO region, Bekasi, some time ago.

    If deemed passed, then the device passes the test are allowed to set foot in the Indonesian market, aka eligible for sale. But despite pegged for 21 days, predictions of the time could be delayed, especially when there is a requirement considered unmet.



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