Created Only 6 Units, Mobil's price is IDR 83.4 Billion -->
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    Created Only 6 Units, Mobil's price is IDR 83.4 Billion

    Tuesday, December 22, 2015, December 22, 2015 EDT Last Updated 2015-12-22T08:10:59Z

    Photo: Koenigsegg
    London -A luxury dealers in the UK have now SuperVettura Swedish super car market Koeningsegg One: 1 with a tag equivalent to US $ 6 million, or approximately USD 83.4 billion. Understandably, besides just made 6 units of the car is also loaded with advanced technology.

    As reported Worldcarfans, Tuesday (12/22/2015), a number of the latest technology created by Koenigsegg, among others, active chassis and aero, variable turbo geometry (VTG), a 3D-printed titanium parts and turbo housing, as well as carbon fiber technology for body parts and others.

    The World's Most Powerful Cars

    His ability has also been tested in a variety of terrain and conditions. The car carrying capacity of 5000 cc V8 engine. The engine block is made of aluminum that is strong yet very lightweight.

    Bursts of the great power of the engine makes this car capable acceleration from 0-300 km / h in just 11.95 seconds. Braking is also very grip, proven deceleration from 300-0 km / h in 17.95 seconds.

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