Falling one, the Air Force Indonesia (TNI AU) has not planned aircraft added Golden Eagle -->
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    Falling one, the Air Force Indonesia (TNI AU) has not planned aircraft added Golden Eagle

    Monday, December 21, 2015, December 21, 2015 EDT Last Updated 2016-09-01T04:10:21Z
    Updetails.com - T50i military trainer jet Golden Eagle belonging to Indonesian Air Force crashed in Lanud Adi Sucipto Airport, Yogyakarta, Sunday (20/12), killing two crew members. Party is not planning to replace the Air Force plane that crashed with a new one.
    Golden Eagle
    "We do not want to buy again, that is currently used," said Kadispen Air Force, Marshal Dwi Badarmanto told reporters on Monday (21/12).
    Squadron XV in Madiun still 15 Golden Eagle aircraft can still be used. The plane was bought from Korean Aerospace Industry, South Korea, three years ago.
    "We are purchasing a complete, one squadron, a total of one lost. The rest is still to be used for training," said Dwi.
    Dwi also gave encouragement to the other pilot in order to continue practicing. He also said, acrobatic activities such as Marda Airmen Lt. Col. acted Sarjono, and Captain Dwi Cahyadi will remain held.
    "We are told to keep the spirit. Still there will be stunt like this, but it certainly should give priority to safety," said Dwi.
    Headquarters Air Force has also sent a team to investigate the plane crash. The team will work without a specified time limit.
    "There is no target date, if it's a new year unknown yes no nothing. We can not give a target, a month to be completed or how," said Dwi.
    Currently, the location of the crash site was still guarded by members of the Air Force. The wreckage has not been moved because waiting for the investigation is completed.
    "If puingnya that there are many. We can not specify how many. Clearly the current investigation is already running, we do not yet know what causes it," said Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Air Marshal Agus Supriyatna.


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