Google Boss Want to Promote Raja Ampat via Underwater Street View

Jakarta - Vacationing for four days in Raja Ampat, Papua, make Sergey Brin interested to enter these attractions into one of Google's services, namely Underwater Streetview.
The plan was expressed in a press conference with the Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya. "One of our products, Underwater Streetview, this time within the existing Komodo Island. But Raja Ampat has not been included," says the founder of Google.
"It would be nice if the natural beauty of the underwater Indonesia could be distributed to many people and will be more tourists who come, of course tourists are more environmentally friendly," he said.
Arief also welcomed her desire to record the beauty of the underwater world in the Papua earth. Minister familiarly called AY rate, many attractions in Indonesia, which should be more attractive foreign tourists.
Hence the presence of Sergey was trying AY used to continue the cooperation between Google and the Ministry of Tourism (Kemenpar). Not to forget, AY also asked her to enter four other attractions in Indonesia into Underwater Streetview, such as Labuan Bajo and Wakatobi.

"Raja Ampat will be made Underwater Streetview, but I'm no top 5. So there are 5 made. Underwater is as a first step," he said.
During the holiday to Raja Ampat, Brin spent time with a number of exciting activities, such as snorkeling and diving. Cooperation between Google and Kemenpar is planned to be held beginning in 2016.(ASJ / ash)

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