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    Have Faces Similar Barbie, Brazil Women's precisely Make Fear People

    Monday, December 21, 2015, December 21, 2015 EDT Last Updated 2015-12-22T06:56:02Z
    Many people are afraid when meeting with Andressa which has a face very similar to Barbie

     More recently, a woman from Brazil amid public scandal. Because the woman named Andressa Damiani has a face that is so similar to Barbie dolls.
    Its appearance is very similar to the fictional character also makes many people think of plastic surgery. In fact, her thin body is also referred to as a result of his deliberate starvation.
    "People do not believe me when I say never do plastic surgery," he said as quoted by the Daily Mail. "They think I'm making myself hungry. I was called a liar."

    Quite often people who met Andressa Elsa called him because his face is so similar to the Disney character "Frozen" was. Nevertheless, Andressa admitted if sometimes he just scare people he meets on the road.
    "I sometimes meet people who say they are disturbed to see my face and they are afraid to see me run. They run away when he saw me," he continued. "People thought I was crazy and only care about beauty, but they should not be afraid."
    Although it always looks like Barbie, Andressa claimed never applying makeup on her face in their daily lives. He did not do a special diet and exercise just by walking around with his dog. (wk / kr)


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