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    It's hard Guess Where are Guardiola Anchored

    Friday, December 25, 2015, December 25, 2015 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-05T01:17:40Z
    Madrid - Pep Guardiola's work period at Bayern Munich only a few months left. Where next Guardiola will be anchored called not hard to guess.
    Reuters/Antonio Bronic
    Bayern has officially declared that their coach is going to leave the club once the season is finished. Furthermore, Bayern will be handled by the Italian coach, Carlo Ancelotti.
    Then, where Guardiola will coach next? Reportedly, the two Premier League clubs, namely Manchester United and Manchester City, is very interested in using their services.
    Guardiola when the ex colleague is still a player in the Barcelona first, Luis Figo, also found are not many clubs that can accommodate football philosophy Guardiola.

    "Pep has his own philosophy and I think he will defend it furiously philosophy. He will implement his philosophy was to the club he coached," said Guardiola told Omnisports.
    "I think, when it reached the level as himself, not much more top clubs are suitable. So, the clubs so that the options can be counted on the fingers."
    "I think, it is not too difficult to guess where the next he anchored," said Figo.

    City reportedly very confident to bring Guardiola next season. One factor is the presence of Txiki Begiristain, once the boss Guardiola at Barca.
    (roz / MFI)


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