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    Magical, Giant Faucet in Pati Regency It Can Float

    Friday, December 25, 2015, December 25, 2015 EDT Last Updated 2015-12-26T04:42:03Z
    There is a unique view when you pass through the entrance gate in the northern Gaza District Pati Pati Holy or otherwise. At the edge of the highway there is a mini garden which has a statue of tap water in the air. No doubt if many riders who took the time to stop and see the strange statue that became the new icon of the City of mangosteen.
    Pati Regency has a giant faucet in the tub's external playground
    Pati district has recently had a new landmark that much suck curiosity road users cross the path of the Holy Pantura-Pati. Landmark is a statue of a jumbo-sized water taps at the roadside park, exactly next to the entrance gate of the city. The concern is that the tap position that seemed suspended in air without support.

    But it is not the result of the activity of witchcraft or magic but it is a unique piece of architecture so that it can deceive the human eye. The secret is in the flow of water out of the tap. If tap water is stopped issuing it would seem obvious that the water flow in order to serve as a buffer taps sturdy stand. A kind of pipe is made of a transparent material so that anyone will be fooled. (*)


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