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    Manchester United Actually It Better

    Saturday, December 19, 2015, December 19, 2015 EDT Last Updated 2016-09-01T04:10:11Z
    Are Manchester United under Louis van Gaal has been better than ever? It seems like it's a question that has a value of 250 million pounds.
    (Getty Images/Alex Livesey)
    Before you respond to questions and the title above with comments (which usually) judge, we should equally have to see the positive side of Manchester United so far this season.

    First of all, if you are looking for the negative side of the 'Red Devils' diumbar massive, maybe you have the wrong room. Although not diumbar bersar-scale as well, but may be more suitable reading Yusuf Arifin are no less interesting the following: Trying to Understand the will of 'God'.

    We must have been embarrassed addressed by the negative energy of all those associated with United. Moreover, Jose Mourinho was recently fired from Chelsea (for the second time in his life!), Might next turn Van Gaal.

    Yes, who knows the future? Que sera sera, Any and will happen, yes, there was.

    One thing we have to remember back, Van Gaal was appointed as United manager with a description of the main job is to rebuild the mess left by (or even to?) David Moyes.

    United in the Moyes era like a ship ready to sink. "Immersed" here does not mean something very bad, such as degradation, but for the standard Manchester United, completed the English Premier League in seventh place (before they were champions), the FA Cup in the third round (round 64 large), the English League Cup in semi-finals, and the UEFA Champions League in the quarter-finals, is one indication that United are sinking.

    In fact, Line up the achievement of the above results, rename the "Manchester United" becomes, for example, Leeds United. It may be that we will get a completely different response, which is not "drowning" but "skyrocketed".

    What One of football Louis van Gaal?

    If you understand well and agree with the three paragraphs above, you have to really understand what the standards, expectations as to what, and what kind of results that reflect Manchester United's categorized as "successful".

    This is what makes the task of Van Gaal (and Moyes earlier) becomes very heavy.

    Therefore, in his first season as manager, instead of success, he was assigned to stabilize a "sinking ship" United is to not completely submerged. It also makes it lays the foundation philosophy as a manager in the squad, despite the fact that the teams of Manchester United already have their own philosophy for decades.

    But unlike Moyes, Van Gaal was considered successful to put a strong structure in the United. In addition, the Dutchman's manager continues to firm against the ideology to play young players like Jesse Lingard, Patrick McNair, Andreas Pereira, Tyler Blackett, and who recently was Cameron Borthwick-Jackson. It's like an unwritten law in the United that they always produce a quality homegrown players.

    However, the actual pressure for Van Gaal is not located on the philosophy, ideology, or habit, but on that happening on the field.

    The essence of the game of football is goals. From 10 last season Sir Alex Ferguson at United, they on average scored 76 goals in the league each season. While Moyes (and caretaker Ryan Giggs) only managed to score 64 goals while Van Gaal 62 goals in his first season.

    Despite the fact that they are in the fourth until week 16, United's goal drought could be caused by many things, among them the captain Wayne Rooney's performance began to decline but continues to be played whenever he was fit. Then another factor is the release of some of United's attacking players like Robin van Persie, Danny Welbeck, James Wilson who even loaned out to Brighton & Hove Albion, and Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez that it is now scoring goals at Bayer 04 Leverkusen.

    The fact that today's 'Red Devils' scored an average of 57.2% of the ball (in fact rarely above 65%) but only five shots on target per game, making many people savor United as boring teams.

    They scored 21 goals, the worst figure of the top five teams, with the number of the worst shots fifth in the Premier League. No wonder the United fans chanted "Attack, attack, attack!" - Instead of "Attack" the brand of laundry soap, because of other facts show that United is the goal of the cleanest teams, only 12 conceded.

    Once United play attacking and entertaining, they even lost to VfL Wolfsburg 2-3 and was eliminated from the Champions League.

    So, never won in five matches, including lost twice in a row (one of them against the promotion team, AFC Bournemouth), eliminated from the Champions League group stage, losing to Middlesbrough in the fourth round League Cup, playing boring, and had already spent spending 250 million pounds for the player, is nothing wrong of football Louis van Gaal.

    The positive side of existence Van Gaal Manchester United

    The positive side, huh? Ranked fourth in the Premier League with 29 points from 16 games and still a chance for the championship (not only mathematically), chances of winning a domestic trophy (the FA Cup) and even European level championships (Europa League), what else is lacking? Even for Manchester United any standard this is still a positive side.

    They are strong at the back, at least conceded, most accurate in the affairs of operands, one of the king of the ball (exact number two in the league), won more games in the league than 16 teams of the other, and has at least 20 players who play regularly in eleven countries they each. The question is still the same: what else is lacking?

    When compared champions Chelsea or Liverpool, United obviously fared well. Chelsea slumped in the rankings to 16th and had just sacked their manager. While Liverpool, although new arrival Juergen Klopp promising, are still struggling to get back into the top ranks of four.

    If the instant results is that United fans would expect, we should recall that Van Gaal was given a three-year contract (until 2017) to carry out their duties. Is not it still too hasty to judge Van Gaal as manager failed?

    Believe me, certainly the philosophy of Van Gaal main goal is to win a football match and eventually win the trophy. He worked his way through possession and control (which we value boring).

    It's like we both want to go to Surabaya from Jakarta, there is a difference on a plane, take the train, take a bus, take a private car, motorcycle, bicycle, and others. Even when for example we take a private car and the car we destroyed, we can still choose between many options to fix the AC, patching a flat tire, or perform service machines. Whichever is the priority, whether the AC is a priority, or tires, or engine? Because the goal remains the same, namely to arrive in Surabaya.


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