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    Men who fear Claims Lottery Prize Valued at nearly USD 700 Billion

    Friday, December 25, 2015, December 25, 2015 EDT Last Updated 2015-12-26T04:28:38Z
    Vancouver - What would you do if you won the lottery $ 50 million or nearly Rp 700 billion? Maybe a vacation plan or dream delayed an option, but not so with this grandfather.
    Friedrich Mayrhofer and family. (
    Knowing the fantastic prizes won the lottery, grandfather named Friedrich Mayrhofer, Vancouver origin actually not doing anything. Even her mum for nearly 2 years.

    Reported by, Saturday (12/19/2015), he finally emerged this week, ending a mystery and speculation Canadians during the 21 months to the identity of the jackpot winner.

    "This is a unique situation for all involved, especially for the winners. This victory has attracted the attention of Canadians," said the president of the BC Lottery Corp.

    According to The Hamilton Spectator, Mayrhofer had a good reason for his actions. He and his family are reluctant to claim the prize earlier because of fear of not being able to handle large amounts of money.

    Mayrhofer said he and his family were closed and fearful person concerned if the public spotlight.

    The identity of the grandfather as the winner uncovered when a lawyer on his behalf take the prize money, a few days before the ticket expires.

    Mayrhofer and his family have now been hired advisers to manage the large amount of money.

    But worries that just lead to losses. He regretted not immediately claim the prize, because there are cuts prizes form of interest of $ 500,000 or approximately USD 70 billion.

    He entered the press conference room with a lottery ticket he won two decades ago.
    Winner of US $ 50 million Lotto Max March 14, 2014. (
    "I need 20 years to add the number of zeros on the gift," he said with a laugh.

    When asked if he would still buy lottery tickets, he replied, "I've bought two tickets for the draw next Friday."

    "If I win on Friday, I will be back here on Monday," he joked. "That would reverse the amount of my money lost because of the interest."


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