Millions of Fans Hello Kitty Victim of Hacking

Sanrio, Hello Kitty brand owner, was investigating hacking that attack their database. Personal information belonging to 3.3 million users leaked to the public.
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Reported network security researcher Chris Vickery of, the data leaked from the site SanrioTown fans, among others, including the user's full name, email address and password are encrypted. Not yet known whether the financial data also picked up a puncture.

"Hacking security occurs at SanrioTown site is currently under investigation. More detailed information will be explained if the investigation has been completed," Sanrio spokesman said as quoted by Reuters on Tuesday (12/22/2015).

General Manager security company RSA Peter Tran argues, there is a possibility of financial information has also become a victim of hacking. Because fanbase sites usually integrate that information with your account to facilitate their fans buy goods Sanrio collection.

"The possibility of a third party who let the gap and make easy entry attack," said Tran.

Hello Kitty brand is very popular among both children and adults. Another concern of hacking case is, hacked database containing personal information about children that could be misused for other criminal acts.

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