MU is getting familiar with the 0-0 score, also only Earn 2 Points Month -->
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    MU is getting familiar with the 0-0 score, also only Earn 2 Points Month

    Monday, December 28, 2015, December 28, 2015 EDT Last Updated 2015-12-29T03:00:38Z
    Manchester United played a goalless draw against Chelsea, making the score 0-0 increasingly familiar for his team of Louis van Gaal who also recently won two points in the league so far this month.
    Getty Images/Alex Livesey
    There is no goal that was born from kickoff until the final whistle at Old Trafford on Tuesday (29/12/2015) pm dawn.

    According to Opta, it was a goalless draw that's 11 for Van Gaal as manager of Manchester United with six of whom were born since the end of October.

    MU in game statistics on Soccerway last season Manchester United only won four 0-0. Seven others are picked 0-0 this season and six of them in the period of three months.

    Score 0-0 to Manchester United in this season's first birth at home to Newcastle United in August in the Premier League. Entering October, the Red Devils become increasingly familiar with a score of glasses.

    In October alone there in the Premier League match against Manchester City and Crystal Palace ended goalless draw. Besides MU also briefly played 0-0 with Middlesbrough in the fourth round of the League Cup until eventually eliminated on penalties.

    In November, Manchester United recorded a goalless draw in the party against PSV in the Champions League. Furthermore, in December there is the match against West Ham United and Chelsea are resolved MU dengjan score 0-0.

    According to Opta, Manchester United in December was also only able to achieve only two points in the Premier League. Both are through 0-0 draw.

    The achievement is just better than Sunderland who have scooped up a point during December, although it still leaves a "close match of the year" which is against Liverpool on Thursday (31/12) pm dawn. That is, if Sunderland win over Liverpool, the Manchester United will be the team that stood at the lowest point this month.



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