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    MU will Recruit Mourinho, with the proviso .....

    Wednesday, December 23, 2015, December 23, 2015 EDT Last Updated 2015-12-24T02:34:11Z
    Manchester - Former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is reportedly eager to duty at the headquarters of Manchester United at Old Trafford. However, the "Red Devils" does not seem to want to rush and must be careful to avoid conflicts.
    Manchester City looks almost the same as the brother of Manchester United derby is not konisten 'hot and cold', but rumor has grown to associate several coaches, including Jose Mourinho. (AFP Photo / Justin Tallis / Paul Ellis)
    Mourinho, 52, Chelsea sacked last week for failing to bring the shine back on the Blues this season. After losing his job, the Portuguese coach is eager to quickly re-engaged in the world of football. Guardian reported on Wednesday (12/23/2015), Mourinho has obviously wanted to join Manchester United.

    MU itself seems to have been seriously threatened with dismissal Van Gaal, because Dutchman, also chalked poor performance together with his team.

    British media said Mourinho in principle already agreed to move to Old Trafford. However, MU has yet to make an offer.

    The management team of "Red Devils" want assurances from Mourinho to want to follow the tradition of the club and will not cause a big controversy at Old Trafford.

    Earlier, The Daily Star reported Mourinho will do everything possible in order to be manager of Manchester United. He is willing to lose money to 16 million pounds for the sake coached Wayne Rooney et al.

    Mourinho ready to accept an offer from Manchester United with a contract duration of four years. At Old Trafford, Mourinho will receive a fee of six million pounds per season.

    Bids are given MU is much smaller than the pay received during polishing Chelsea Mourinho. At Stamford Bridge, Mourinho is the highest paid manager in the Premier League worth 10 million pounds per season.



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