Next Year, the Government of Indonesia dug Rp 1.33 T to Build Natural Gas Network

Jakarta - Governmental disburse IDR 1.33 trillion next year, to build 85,000 household gas connections in 5 cities.
"Next year we added 85,000 household gas connections," said Director General of Oil and Gas, Ministry of Energy, IGN Wiratmaja Puja, to detikFinance, Wednesday (23/12/2015).

Wiratmaja said, to build tens of thousands of natural gas pipeline connection, the government poured funds of the state budget of IDR 1.33 trillion.

"The funds from the state budget of IDR 1.33 trillion," he said.

The natural gas network will be used mothers to cook in 5 cities in Indonesia.

"This project for five cities, two of which are on Prabumulih and Batam, the rest I forgot. But clearly the next year there were an additional gas pipe connection as much as 85,000 household connections," concludes Wiratmaja.

As is known, the production of natural gas Indonesia is still abundant, even in part is exported out of the country, either because of long-term contracts and the allocation of gas that is not absorbed in the country.

Natural gas can be used for cooking, without a state-subsidized, housewife can cook up as much just to pay the bills around Rp 40,000 per month.

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