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    Participate requested enlarge Thousand Startup Indonesia, Google Boss Enthusiast

    Monday, December 28, 2015, December 28, 2015 EDT Last Updated 2015-12-29T03:08:30Z
    Jakarta - From a thousand technopreneur program in 2020, Indonesia has targeted to grow to 200 qualified startup annually. If the contribution of Google just a dozen, according to the MCIT Rudiantara, it is still far from the target.
    Rudiantara and Sergey Brin (rou / detikINET)
    That is why, the arrival of Sergey Brin, the founders of Google in Indonesia, try utilized completely by him to discuss the continuation of the incubator program agreement in Launchpad Accelerator Program is carried out.

    "I was talking about the startup and Sergey, how to enhance the role of Google in the context of the development of startups in Indonesia. Especially for the incubator. Because Google has a program," said Rudiantara last night after a meeting at the office Kemenkominfo, Jakarta, Monday (12/28/2015 ).

    Within the program, said the minister who is familiarly called the RA Chief said that he asked Google to support the government's program about a thousand startup where every year appeared 200 digital business.

    "The target is the 200 startups per year, Google only if his contribution dozens, yes it is still far from the target. I told Sergey, please increased again. Just about the numbers that later could be discussed again," said the minister for further ICT.

    As known, the Launchpad Accelerator program, local startup can follow and get a wide range of support, ranging from mentoring to funding without attachment stock.

    Kemenkominfo itself has a mission to develop quality technology startup thousand in 2020 through a series of events eg seminars, workshops, hackathon, as well as incubation and acceleration programs.

    "The goal is that we can be the king of digital largest economy in Southeast Asia through e-commerce roadmap. The target of USD 130 billion in 2020. Of this startup thousand we expect to produce three startup unicorn," said Rudiantara.

    The desire minister was warmly welcomed by Sergey. Because according to him, Google also has a program of raising startup through akselarator called Launchpad special Accelerator Indonesia, Brazil, and India.

    "I am happy to be in Indonesia, the largest economy digital country in Asia. Got over 300 million mobile subscribers. Indonesia has the jump to next-generation technology. Of course, Google would be happy to assist digital program of the Indonesian economy," said Sergey.

    When talking about the digital economy, Sergey also briefly discuss the Go-Jek. According to Google's big boss Go-Jek has been so phenomenal. Not only in Indonesia, but its echo was heard to foreign countries.

    "Before you got here (office Kemenkominfo), I saw on the way a lot of green-green on the road. It turns out that Go-Jek. With the entrepreneurship such as Go-Jek has just made us keen to play there (the development of local startup)," Google boss added X. (rou / rou)


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