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    Pope Francis: Christians Trapped Consumerism and Hedonism

    Thursday, December 24, 2015, December 24, 2015 EDT Last Updated 2015-12-25T06:28:16Z
    Pope Francis preaching about the simplicity of life while leading the Christmas Eve Mass in St. Peter's Basilica, the Vatican, Thursday (24/12) night local time. To emulate the life of Jesus Christ, Christians must realize that the world is changing.
    Pope Francis led mass on Christmas Eve. © 2015 Merdeka
    Not many people, according to the Pope, who unknowingly wallowing in luxury lifestyle. Though Jesus was born in livestock barns is a symbol of God's presence in the midst of poverty.

    "In today's society that infected consumerism, hedonism, glare on wealth, luxury, outward appearance, as well as contracted narcissism, the life story of a child of God tells us to go back to," said Pope Francis in the Italian language speech as reported by ABC News.

    Furthermore, Catholics according to the Pope, must run the behavior of living a balanced, consistent. That is the simple life and promote the love of neighbor.

    "We must sharpen the sense of justice. Although today is the world's cultural own wishes, Catholics need to promote piety, heart full of empathy and forgiveness," he said.

    An estimated 10 thousand people followed the Christmas Eve Mass in St. Peter's Basilica. Hundreds of Italian police assigned to secure the situation around the largest church in Vatican.

    Sermon last night was the umpteenth Pope Francis emphasizes social issues, as well as harsh criticism of capitalism. Francis is the Jesuit Order of monks who tended to support socialism.

    In June, the Pope urged all people realize the adverse effects of global warming. He stated happen tyrannical elites who damage the environment. This practice involves a large corporation thinks should be terminated.

    Pope's letter called the encyclical. Since the holy throne standing, the announcement of the Vatican is indirectly an issue that must be obeyed 1.2 billion Catholics on earth.

    Businessmen and politicians supporting multinational corporations furiously reading the leaked letter of Pope Francis. Criticism of the leader of the Catholic is coming, mainly, from the United States.

    US economist, Stephen Moore, accused the Pope tinkering with socialist doctrines. He even accused the Pope hates humans, as they often make statements incriminating the rich, or the network of multinational corporations.

    "(Pope) apparently agent green movement essentially anti-Christ, anti-human and anti-progress," he said.



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