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    President Obama go to lunch ASEAN leaders in California

    Thursday, December 24, 2015, December 24, 2015 EDT Last Updated 2015-12-25T06:31:43Z
    Special banquets Southeast Asian leaders being groomed United States. President Barack Obama hopes that all ASEAN representatives may be invited to attend a lunch in the area of ​​Rancho Mirage, California, next year.
    Jokowi met Obama at the White House. © 2015 REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst
    This information is delivered by a spokesman for the US National Security Council, Myles Caggins. He said the idea of ​​a dinner once Summit continue simmering. President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo implied in this statement has been willing to come.

    "President Obama has extended an invitation to each of the ASEAN leaders to attend the meeting. The President honored the leaders expressed willingness," said Caggins as reported by NDTV, Friday (25/12).

    Caggins did not elaborate further, when this event will be held next year.

    Before the ASEAN leaders, Obama has never held a similar special lunch hosted by Chinese President Xi Jinping. Lunch activity is a series of foreign policy strategy of Uncle Sam. The US focus is no longer in the Middle East, but Asian countries.

    In a meeting with ASEAN leaders, Reuters believes Obama will discuss the South China Sea issue. The US is now engaged offset the aggressiveness of China following a request from Vietnam and the Philippines.

    Beyond the issue of Politics, the US also wanted to tie up Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei, to persist in the Cross Atlantic Trade Pact (TPP). Indonesia has not been willing to join the TPP, although Jokowi had expressed an interest.

    TPP is a market liberalization followed by 12 countries across the Pacific Ocean. The brain of this cooperation is the United States, followed by countries with strong economies such as Japan, Australia, Singapore, and South Korea. If you join, then Indonesia is obliged to cut tariffs for 12 products of the country.

    Forum initiated by the US economy that compete for influence with These proposed Silk Road of China to the countries of Asia



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