Saudi wake tallest building in the world 1 km, through the clouds (Jeddah Tower) -->
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    Saudi wake tallest building in the world 1 km, through the clouds (Jeddah Tower)

    Thursday, December 24, 2015, December 24, 2015 EDT Last Updated 2015-12-24T09:44:23Z
    Saudi Arabia to build the tallest building in the world to penetrate the clouds. The plan, the building height reaches 1 kilometer (km) and will beat the Burj Khalifa which holds the record in the Guinness World Record as the world's tallest building in Dubai.
    Jeddah Tower. CNN©2015
    Arabia will build Jeddah Tower with an investment of USD 1.23 billion, and these funds have been prepared. Jeddah Economic Company and Saudi Arabia's Alinma Investment has also signed an USD 2.2 billion financing deal to build Jeddah City, including towers above this cloud.

    This mega project has been started to be built up to the 26th floor, while the rooftop through the clouds with a high of 1 Km targeted to be completed in 2020.

    "With this agreement we will achieve a new, unheard highest in real estate development. The goal is to create an urban center world-class offering sophisticated lifestyle, so that Jeddah may have a landmark iconic interesting new people from all walks of life with a comprehensive service and many uses, "said Chief Executive Officer of Jeddah Economic Company, Mounib Hammoud, told CNN on Wednesday (2/12).

    Jeddah Tower formerly known as the Kingdom Tower has 200 floors and overlooks the Red Sea. Construction of the building is expected to spend 800 tons of steel, according to the Saudi Gazette.

    Build high-rise buildings near the beach is not easy because saltwater from the coast potentially damaging buildings. The foundations of the building were grown up to 60 meters must be able to withstand the salt water of the sea nearby.

    Not only that, the wind is also a problem for this high building. To overcome this, the shape of the tower will be different for each floor.

    "The changes will make the shape of each floor rotates around the building and the wind will not be so strong."


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