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    Selected KPK leaders Pray Many-many To Not Tempted Temptation

    Saturday, December 19, 2015, December 19, 2015 EDT Last Updated 2016-09-01T04:08:32Z
    Jakarta - In addition to criticism, there is hope pinned on the shoulders 5 KPK leaders elected. They are expected to realize its promises to eradicate corruption.

    Foto: Lamhot Aritonang
    "Please OTT (operating catching hand), how that corruption no longer exists in Indonesia. Pray a lot so long as you lead the Commission not tempted trial," said Specialist Criminal Law UI Teuku Nasrullah in polemic discussion at Waroeng Leaf, Jl Cikini Raya, Central Jakarta, Saturday (12/19/2015).

    He considered the elected leadership of the Commission lacks 'teeth' because it only focuses on prevention than enforcement. It was, he said, can not be separated from the political process in the House. "Parliament is a political institution, it is unlikely the House will elect people who are not in accordance with their legal policy. As Parliament, want to focus on prevention. Parliament wanted the revised Law Commission, might not chosen who oppose it," said Nasrullah.

    "Examples Mas Johan Budi, the Indonesian people want it (so the leadership of the Commission) as well as me. Mas Johan Budi reject the revision of the Law Commission," he continued.

    In the same occasion, a member of Commission III Dwi Ria Latifa hope KPK leaders proved its performance during the five-year period. "That would be evidence of whether they were in line with expectations or not. I still agree with OTT. But do not then it is done because it is looking for an example or shock terapy as an example only to popularnya," said politicians PDIP.

    KPK leaders elected, Saut Situmorang insists there will be no debt of gratitude to the Parliament. "My concept, I will insist with zero corruption. There is no excuse for that can not be prevented, there is no forgiveness for those who do," Saut promise.

    He gave the example of how prevention can be done by creating clear standards in the regulations. Saut likens the case Novanto involved in 'Papa Request Shares'. "There should be SOP in the meeting. Does the parliament should have dinner with businessmen? There is no answer because there is no SOP him. We can not control anything if there are no standards. Then there should be award and punishment," revealed the man long at the NIA this ,
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