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    Shinichi recognize, mathematician who claimed Solve Problem Elaborate a + b = c

    Tuesday, December 22, 2015, December 22, 2015 EDT Last Updated 2015-12-22T08:07:01Z
    Shinichi Mochizuki
    Jakarta - There was a Japanese mathematician who claims to have solved the ABC conjecture or a + b = c. His name is Shinichi Mochizuki, a mathematical genius who studied at Princeton University. Really claim? Most agrees Shinichi claims, some still do not understand.

    Who dare to claim Shinichi to solve the unsolvable problem?

    Quoted from a variety of sources, Shinichi was born in Tokyo, March 29, 1969. At the age of five years, he and his family moved to New York City. He then studied at Phillips Exeter Academy and graduated in 1985 at the age of 16 years.

    In the same year, Shinichi go to Princeton University and graduated three years later with honors salutatorian (the second highest praise predicate after Valedictorian). Four years later, or at the age of 23 years, Shinichi has obtained a doctorate in mathematics.

    Completed his education, Shinichi joined the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences at the University of Kyoto, Japan, in 1992, and was promoted to professor in 2002.

    Additional information about the mysterious figure, Shinichi is also suspected as the inventor of bitcoin, a virtual currency that is phenomenal. A number of investigations over Satoshi Nakamoto known as the inventor of bitcoin, leads him. The name of Satoshi called simply a pseudonym.

    On August 30, 2012, Shinichi upload four articles of 500 pages to the Internet. In the lengthy article, Shinichi claims to have found the answer to the ABC conjecture.

    Shinichi did not send the article to the journal of mathematics. He only display the article on the Internet, without bragging to other mathematicians. Until a friend at the office, Akio Tamagawa, find and send the answers Shinichi to other mathematicians in a number of campus, one of which Ivan Fesenko from the University of Nottingham, England.

    Ivan immediately download articles Shinichi and hastily read it. His forehead wrinkled soon. "It is impossible to understand the answers Shinichi," said Ivan told Scientific American. Feeling curious, Ivan sent Shinichi answers to a number of specialist mathematicians arithmetic geometry, the field Shinichi.

    But their reactions more or less similar to Ivan Fesenko. "Observing Shinichi answers, you will feel the middle read articles from the future or from outer space," says Jordan Ellenberg, a mathematician from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA. Full article scattered in new terms and mathematical tool made by Shinichi to support his argument. "He really makes his own world," says Moon Duchin, a mathematician from Tufts University, USA.

    Three years is the "answer" about a + b = c it stared mathematicians, but none who could really understand or answer Shinichi conclude whether it is right or wrong. Not strange if Shinichi was almost frustrating to see none of his colleagues who understand the article. According to Shinichi, at least it took 500 hours to understand the 500-page article. To understand the article, Shinichi said as quoted by Nature, mathematicians have to "turn off" mindset which they follow.

    Although the answer is not yet understood, but Shinichi reluctant to abandon Kyoto and explain an article in a public forum outside Japan. Although very fluent in English, he also refused to give a lecture about his article in English. To reporters, Shinichi is also very economical to talk.

    According to his colleagues, Minhyong Kim, Shinichi not a very private person. "He's just very focused on mathematics," said Kim.

    Shinichi finally want to talk to explain the answer is about two weeks ago, in the event gathering dozens of mathematicians on the campus of Oxford, England. But Shinichi did not fly there, he is only willing to explain the answer via Skype. The result? Mathematicians who attended the meeting for a few days it is still not completely understood.

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