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    Solo Holidays, Mandatory Culinary Tourism in 2 Warung Legendary

    Friday, December 25, 2015, December 25, 2015 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-05T01:18:35Z
    Solo - The traveler who spent the Christmas holidays in Solo, do not forget to taste the culinary special. There are two legendary stalls that make 'Keplek ilat', aka playing tongue!

    Tengkleng Sir Manto (Muchus/detikTravel)
    'Keplek ilat' literally means playing tongue. This term indicates Solo residents like to indulge her appetite. Solo is famous for a variety of special dishes and flavors that have been famous. Of the many well-known, do not forget to stop at the stalls legendary.

    Soto Trisakti in Kalilalarangan Street is one of the stalls serving typical soup flavors Solo famous. The sauce is slightly thick savory taste typical food meruakkan Solo. The portion that is not how much, and the sauce is hot and tasty, ideal for your breakfast; start the day with a delicious Soto Solo.

    Managers now, Haji Suparno, is the third generation. Trisakti Soto pioneered by Ahmad Dikromo, grandfather Suparno, since 1962. Its location is stuck cinema Trisaksi, so then known as Trisakti Soto. Even three theaters had been closed and the site was turned into a bank office, the name Trisaksi still attached and a reminder soup stall it.
    Soto Trisakti open from 06.00 until 14.00 pm. To complete the meal, there is also fried tofu, fried tempeh, meatball, sausage solo, satay quail eggs, boiled, crackers, skewers lung, jerked, until rambak skin.

    "We understand the flavor Solo. For that there are 13 types of spices that we use to bring out the taste Solo is famous for. On a typical day, the average we present 400 cups per day. If the holiday season like this, we add more more due to soaring demand, "said Suparno.

    Pak Manto stalls open from 06.30 until 19.00. But in the long holiday season like this, you really have to come early. Usually shop that is not how big it will diantre by travelers who wish to enjoy the cuisine of Mr. Manto. So many enthusiasts, often Mr. Manto out of stock tengkleng cook even when it is still daylight.
    Soto Trisakti  (Muchus/detikTravel)
    Mr. Manto in the shop also provides no meat satay, satay wrapping, and tongseng and curry. Taste equally delicious. However, the most favorite in the stall Mr. Manto is tengkleng ricanya.

    But of course not only in two places that you can 'enjoy' Solo. Solo soup to the menu, you can choose many other soup stall that is equally famous. Ivory Ivory Soto in the region is a former president Megawati subscription. There is another shop 'Soto Evening' which is open late into the night in Jaten, Soto Triwindu in the Triwindu, Soto Seger mBok Giyem in Jalan Bhayangkara, soto kwali Mr. Gino at source, Soto Kirana in Kawatan and others.
    Choice of lunch menu there is also a satay Pak Bejo in Lojiwetan which is subscription-President Joko Widodo, satay mBok fierce at source, curry fried Ngarsopuro, sate buntel Pak Narto in Baturono, tengkleng gravy Ms. Dyah in Solobaru, Strait Ma'am Lies in Dawung, and the cuisine Baron paced Java.

    Night you can come in rows of stalls liwet rice in Keprabon or Lojiwetan. While the morning, from 02.00 pm until the morning you can indulge in a stall warm tongue claw Bu Kasno in Margoyudan. This menu is a subscription former president Gus Dur.

    Please try! Once feel it, then you will become part of the community 'Keplek Ilat'!


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