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    Star Wars was released, Hubble Capture 'Lightsaber'

    Monday, December 21, 2015, December 21, 2015 EDT Last Updated 2015-12-22T01:24:33Z
    Paris - Despite the frail and aged, the Hubble Space Telescope was still a surprise. 25-year-old telescope that it shows a new star birth.

    The telescope caught the light like a straight line belongs to Darth Maul lightsaber. But actually, it is a new star formation that ejects plasma crashing fog nebula of gas and dust, around the place 'born'.

    Located as far as 1,350 light-years away, this star forming part of HH 24, Herbig-Haro objects are located deep in the active star forming region called the Orion B molecular cloud complex, a cluster of molecules star fog. Located in the center of HH 24 is a young star, and behind the hazy mist, is a hot material to form a spinning disk around it.
    The new star formation led to a form of 'lightsaber' in the sky, and there is concurrent with the release of the latest Star Wars movie. This is cluster H 24 reported on Sunday (20/12/2015), this material, which comes from clouds that form stars, have the potential to form planetary systems. But before that happens, the stars consuming material from the disc, and brings back in a straight line, and form a line trace 'jet' contain hot plasma and formed like a lightsaber.

    Protostar forms (starlet) associated with filim "Star Wars" was not spared from the supervision of the European Space Agency, plus the discovery of the exact same day Star Wars: Episode VII was released.

    "'The Force' strong produce an effect of straight line like the smoke of a jet. Demonstrating the true power of 'Dark Side' to attack stronger than the station 'Death Star' which has been armed. While each other at high speed, developing supersonic shock simultaneously with jets and heating the surrounding gas to thousands of degrees, "the statement from Europian Space Agency (ESA). The statement linked to the release of the latest movie phenomenal Star Wars: Force Awaken.

    The so-called "Force" in this case is extreme astrophysical events, behind the energy beam that creates a strong magnetic field protostar. 'Force' shot to the medium outside the constellations, and created a shock. Electricity generated waves run vague blob of light in the jet, the key characteristics of what is referred to as an object astronomers 'Herbig-Haro'.

    Hubble describe the discovery of jets in the area of ​​infrared rays, enables us to see the stars and radiant emissions that are hidden from sight.

    Other stars, including jet shaped like a lightsaber is also tied in the nebula, making HH 24 to "the most dense concentration of HH jets in a small area," according to the ESA.


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