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    'Steal' Diamonds USD 5 million from Trash, US Security Officers Arrested

    Friday, December 18, 2015, December 18, 2015 EDT Last Updated 2016-09-01T04:07:30Z
    New York - A security officer in New York, the United States was arrested for stealing from the trash. The security guard took a few boxes of diamonds worth US $ 5
    million or equivalent to IDR 70 billion, which accidentally dumped into the trash.
    As reported by Reuters on Thursday (12/17/2015), the incident occurred when the company's jewelry maker, J Birnbach Inc., in the heart of New York being renovated. One of the construction workers accidentally throw a few boxes of diamonds into the trash because trash assumed.

    The owner of the company, Jonathan Birnbach reported to police last week that he saves three wooden box containing the diamonds in a safe unlocked, to make it easier to transport. He admitted that he was not aware if the diamond box was lost because rarely examined.

    Head of the New York police detective, Robert Boyce, said that construction workers who were renovating parts of the company were admitted to accidentally throw away the box containing the diamonds.

    This week, Wilfred Martinez snared theft charges after police caught him in the middle of the CCTV footage taking the checkered diamonds from the trash. He did not attempt to report the findings of goods.

    After taking the diamond box, Martinez took him to the toilet where he moved the diamonds into the box and then fled. According to Boyce, Martinez then sell some diamonds to an agent at a price of US $ 68 thousand or equivalent to IDR 953 million.

    In a statement to the police after the arrest, Martinez pleaded guilty to charges of theft and return all the stolen diamonds. Police also managed to find a diamond that has been sold by Martinez.

    A Birnbach specialized high-grade diamonds and has produced a lot of jewelry that is worn on the red carpet event film awards Oscars to Emmys awards television show.

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