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    This 3 World-Class Brand Shoes Indonesia

    Tuesday, December 22, 2015, December 22, 2015 EDT Last Updated 2015-12-23T01:55:55Z
    JAKARTA - The Ministry of Industry introduced three national brands typical Indonesian men's shoes, which will be tailored to the needs of upscale footwear at home and abroad, one of them called "Equator".
    "We want the 'Equator' someday be like Salamander, Bally and other international brands that have the identity of each country," said Director General of Small and Medium Industries (SMI) of the Ministry of Industry Euis Saedah on Tuesday.

    According Euis, shoes named after the geographical location of Indonesia on the world map will be done by some SMEs in Indonesia, which already has the qualified ability to produce shoes with best quality.
    Until now, there are 12-20 IKM expressed its readiness to manufacture "Equator", where quality and manufacturing techniques supervised by the Agency for Industrial Research and Development (ARDI) Ministry of Industry.

    "So, we not only provide the brand, but also facilitates guidance to the IKM to marketing these shoes. We invite other SMEs to participate, later ARDI will review whether they are feasible or not," said Euis.
    Euis added, the most important thing in this case is the management of the business, including marketing and publication system, where the government also took a special team of local shoe brand Brodo.
    Related pricing strategies (pricing), Euis said, these shoes will be priced at a minimum of 1.5 million with a 70 percent discount on the initial stage of the launch.

    "Equator" is expected to steal the hearts of consumers shoes at home and abroad, which is the entrance for Indonesian products to the global world.
    The plan, the brand will be launched earlier than the other two brands, namely "Kakatua" and "Krakatau" in 2016.
    However, Euis targets so that all three can be launched and began to be produced maximum in March 2016.

    Source: Antara
    Editor: Fajar Sidik



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