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    Tips to Maintaining Healthy During the Holidays End of Year

    Wednesday, December 23, 2015, December 23, 2015 EDT Last Updated 2015-12-24T03:45:53Z
    Jakarta - Towards the end of the year, certainly many of you who are planning a vacation. In order moments with family or friends run up to, it's good to start to maintain health. Holidays are often trigger the onset of disease is generally caused by fatigue or the spread of viruses and bacteria. To avoid this, consider the following six tips:
    Foto: Thinkstock
    Foto: Thinkstock
    1. Prepare Health
    For those of you who feel vulnerable sick when a holiday, need to prepare extra health. For example, by regular exercise, maintaining quality sleep patterns, reduce drinking alkohohol, reproduce nutritious food, and so on. It is hoped the body so prime that is not easily infected or fall ill.

    "Basically, you do not do anything that affects the immune system. It does not guarantee you will not get sick, but it was the best effort you can do," advises Dr. Christopher Sanford as associate professor at the University of Washington told BuzzFeed.

    2. Do not Rely Vitamin
    At key moments such as going abroad, many people rely on vitamins or health supplements to avoid illness. However, you should not rely too much on drugs, as well as the superfood. According to Christopher, the immune system does not respond to short-term intervention that does not much affect.

    "Essentially if there benefits, it is very small. Many studies reveal if drugs there is no benefit at all," added Christopher.

    3. Injectable Anti Flu
    To make sure if you will really primed during the holidays, there's no harm in asking for anti-flu injections. It is recommended that you do one or two weeks before traveling. Christopher also warned that the news about the flu injections can even cause flu is not true. If you do not want a shot, it could also menyempotkan the form of nasal spray vaccine are effective also expelled influenza.

    4. Wash Hands
    One cause of someone contracting illness is due to exposure to the virus or bacteria through the hands. To that end, do not forget to wash your hands, especially before and after meals and after using the toilet. Make sure also if you menggosak hands with soap for 20 seconds before rinsing. If you want practical, also provide hand sanitizer without rinse or hand sanitizers in your bag.

    5. Clean Aircraft Seats
    Numerous studies prove if the seat is where most bacteria in the plane. Therefore, it should also pay attention to hygiene around your seat. If you can, clean the seat, armrest, seat belts, table, or other parts that may often held in check. You can wipe with antibacterial wipes.

    6. Wear Masks
    Many people apply a mask while in the airport or terminal. You may doubt efekstivitasnya on health. But Christopher said if it does not hurt to apply. That way, at least you avoided from touching the face. He said people are often exposed to bacteria from the environment to the eyes, nose, or mouth. (ami / eny)


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