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    TOUR INFO: Bridges Long Beach, White Sand Beautiful however mythical

    Tuesday, December 22, 2015, December 22, 2015 EDT Last Updated 2015-12-23T01:59:36Z
    Malang - Bridge Long Beach tourist area located Sumberbening Village, District Bantur, Malang has the charm of white sand interspersed with fragments of shells. The ruins of the bridge that was completed into the unique charm of this beach.
    Long Bridge beach in Malang (Mariyana Ricky / Jibi Solopos)
    The breaking bridge is often a unique sight for hunters landscape photos. Moreover, lush trees and islands jutting in its natural surroundings make the image even more charming.

    According to local myth, it is said the bridge was built and has been improved many times, but never succeeded. In fact, the construction of a bridge at the beach Balekambang that connects the island and the island Ismoyo Wisanggeni previously experienced problems.

    Communities around the construction of the bridge leading to mention the small island was not approved spirits inhabitants of the island. Another myth says, the island was once the location of the hermitage of years.

    If the ascetic has finished the Hermitage, the bridge repair can be carried out. However, if a recluse is not yet finished, repair the bridge will bear fruit in vain.

    According to one blogger from East Java, Anom Harya, Long Beach Bridge can be an alternative location of the camper, if you feel too mainstream Balekambang Beach. However, on this beach there are many stalls are open 24 hours. You need a little pocket the provision so as not to commute to a more crowded beach Balekambang.

    One more baseball to be missed during a visit to the beach is a coconut taste of local traders. The price is quite low between Rp7,000 to Rp10,000 per item.


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