Trending Topic hashtag #SaveGojek Thus, the Ministry of Transportation Revoke ban operation of Go-Jek et al -->
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    Trending Topic hashtag #SaveGojek Thus, the Ministry of Transportation Revoke ban operation of Go-Jek et al

    Friday, December 18, 2015, December 18, 2015 EDT Last Updated 2016-09-01T04:08:02Z
    Prohibition of the operation Gojek, BlueJek, and friends have been imposed by the government. Ban the use of motor vehicles to use public transport instead of Internet applications and for transporting people or goods with a charge has been formally adopted by the Minister of Transport, Ignatius Jonan.
    The government's policy to prohibit the operation of Gojek is instantly attracted the attention of Indonesian society. Diverse public opinions on this incident, netizens also voiced their opinions through their Twitter account respectively. Not tanggun-hearted, tagar #SaveGojek also had the first position trending topic Indonesia.

    Go-Jek Driver (Kredit: Okezone)
    The contents of the postings that include the hashtag #SaveGojek is diverse, but most Tweets of netizens complain about government regulation is deemed to be pro-people. Netizens are also concerned about the fate of the taxi drivers of substantial online in Indonesia.

    But do not wait for a long time, Transport Minister canceled the regulations that prohibit the two-wheeled vehicle instead of public transit operation based online application. This is due to the huge gap between the needs of public transport and the ability of the government to provide public transport a viable and adequate.

    On that basis, the public transport-based applications such as Gojek and others still are welcome to operate. However, concerning the safety aspect of driving on a highway that is now a major concern of government, these service providers are encouraged to consult with Korlantas Police.

    How, if you are the one who agreed to keep the enactment GoJek and friends?


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