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    Vacation in Pekalongan, Mandatory Popped into Batik Museum

    Sunday, December 27, 2015, December 27, 2015 EDT Last Updated 2015-12-28T02:03:42Z
    Pekalongan - Ahead of the New Year, many tourists are traveling past the Pekalongan in Central Java. If it happened to be passing, can stop by the Museum Batik Pekalongan.
    Pekalongan Batik Museum nuance Dutch
    Pekalongan Batik Museum nuance Dutch (Randy / detikTravel)
    Known as one of the cities batik, Pekalongan also not inferior to Solo who had Dana Hadi Batik Museum or Yogyakarta who also had Batik Museum. If a traveler passing to Jatayu Road No. 3, there can be found Pekalongan Batik Museum.

    On Friday of last week (12/25/2015) detikTravel able to visit Pekalongan Batik Museum are no less interesting with each other. Its existence was present to preserve and introduce batik which is one of the cultural pride of Indonesia.
    The inside of the museum nuance Dutch
    The inside of the museum nuance Dutch (Randy / detikTravel)
    Inaugurated the first time by the former President on July 12, 2006, Pekalongan Batik Museum which occupies the former town hall building Netherlands it looked magnificent. It was seen from the door and large windows typical Dutch welcome visitors at the entrance.

    In the exhibition hall, can be found a variety of batik collections of old to modern. Not only does that come from Pekalongan batik, but also from various areas in the archipelago such as Sumatra to Papua.

    There is also a display of a variety of fabric used for batik material, to a variety of tools and natural dyes by chemical. Then also found information about batik to the fabric which can certainly add to the treasures of knowledge about batik traveler.
    The first exhibition hall
    The first exhibition hall (Randy / detikTravel)
    Once satisfied to see the collection of batik, you can also learn traditional batik. By using canting contains night, anyone may batik on cloth with floral motif and other simple. There is also a special room that seems to be used by the workers to batik.

    Entering the museum, a traveler was required to pay admission first of Rp 5 thousand in the administration. Of course the fees paid will be used for maintenance and sustainability of the museum.

    Right at the right side of the entrance, a traveler can also find a board that contains information about the rooms in the museum. Unfortunately, the museum guide is resting while detikTravel visit. But generally show around the museum guided by a tour guide.
    Traveler could learn batik
    Traveler could learn batik (Randy / detikTravel)
    Pekalongan Batik Museum is divided into three exhibition halls that holds a collection of batik, library, audio-visual, batik shop, to the making of batik, which may be followed by anyone.

    If still not satisfied, visitors can also see the history of batik in the audio visual room, not far from the entrance. The museum also looks beautiful with the presence of green garden in the middle of the Dutch heritage buildings.
    Batik collections were displayed neatly and accompanied by information
    Batik collections were displayed neatly and accompanied by information (Randy / detikTravel)
    So rather than get stuck in Pekalongan dizziness, a traveler might as well stop by the Museum Batik Pekalongan. Already cheap, you can get to know and learn how to make batik. Guaranteed fun and full of education. Source


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