Welcomes the long holiday, wish a Happy Holidays Google Doodle Late -->
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    Welcomes the long holiday, wish a Happy Holidays Google Doodle Late

    Tuesday, December 22, 2015, December 22, 2015 EDT Last Updated 2015-12-23T02:24:24Z
    After yesterday we saw Google celebrates Mother's Day national in Indonesia, today (23/12) Google back appear different in the presence Doodle Happy Holidays. If you open Google.co.id, then there is a picture of colorful animals.
    Google Doodle
    Over the years, Google almost never missed a day special with beautiful animation and funny. Google Doodle their holiday special is not only for Indonesia, but also other countries which celebrate holidays, such as Japan, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, and many more.

    Animation Google today is a Google program with artist Robinson Wood, who has also created some inspired from art animation assemble paper (papercraft) and is likely to continue until Christmas Day.

    When you place the cursor in the animation, you will find the 'Happy Holidays!' or 'Tis the Season!' if you are using a browser in English.

    Of course, this animated Google, Google is one way to celebrate the holidays because of the long Christmas and New Year celebrations in 2016. In Indonesia, school children also celebrated the holiday at the end of the semester, until the coming weeks.


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