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    Yahoo Messenger Recency

    Thursday, December 17, 2015, December 17, 2015 EDT Last Updated 2016-09-01T04:06:51Z
    Jakarta - Long not been heard, Yahoo Messenger tries to make a breakthrough. A number of new features dedicated to entice users to re-use their services.

    The new platform Yahoo Messenger is available for iOS, Android and Yahoo Messenger on the desktop version of Yahoo Mail. Overall, try out the latest Yahoo Messenger chat does offer a different experience than before, as promised Yahoo.

    In testing this time, detikINET use Yahoo Messenger for Android. Starting from the installation process, these applications do not take up much storage capacity. The size is small, only 6.11 MB.

    The first page of Yahoo Messenger will show three highlights of this update, the Share Photos & GIF Instantly, Unsend Message and 'Like' Message & Photos. As if Yahoo can not wait to show off the new features.

    Users can sign in by registering the phone number or use an existing Yahoo account. If so, we can begin to explore it.


    Yahoo Messenger has a simple design. The main page displays a search box and the settings button on the top, in the middle of a conversation and the button to start the conversation in the form of the pencil icon in the bottom right corner.

    When the pencil icon-tap, users will be brought in a new page that displays a row of contacts Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo email based on the email contact list and phone them. In the upper right there is a button to create a group conversation.

    Send a lot of photos with Fast

    The first update was promised Yahoo is sending a lot of photo mode that is claimed extra fast. After starting the conversation, at the bottom we will find a camera icon, photo gallery and GIF. Three main icon has become the main access to send photos.

    Camera icon, the same as in any other messaging, used to send photos we take directly when the conversation. For a photo gallery, users can not only send a photo from the gallery on the phone.

    If you have a Flickr account, Yahoo Messenger will be integrated and enable us to send the photo collection on Flickr. We can instantly find and select photos to be sent directly from Yahoo Messenger, do not need to sign in to the application Flickr.

    Compared to other messaging, send photos at once in the new Yahoo Messenger is fairly fast. Using a WiFi or mobile data connection is almost the same speed.

    Animated GIF from Tumblr

    The ability to send an animated GIF of Tumblr become the most attractive feature of this update. Yes, the messenger that present users seem to like it.

    When chatting and willing to respond more expressive than just an image, tap the button GIF and GIF users simply typing the desired keyword in the search box.

    By typing the keyword 'surprise' for example, an animated GIF that is displayed to describe the expression of surprise bejibun number. Live and on-tap selected to be sent.

    Unfortunately, Yahoo seems to have not been considered to apply filtering so GIF content displayed more relevant to the keyword search. Quite a lot of the content that appears not connect with the keyword.

    Like photos and Chat

    Another advantage offered by the latest Yahoo Messenger is, the adoption of 'like' as in social networks. This feature could mark 'like' photos and messages sent friends, both in single and group chat conversation.

    So, rather than typing a comment, expression of love can be done only with the marking 'like' directly on the photo or chat message.

    Rescuer misdirected messages

    Often incorrectly send a message? Well, the latest Yahoo Messenger will save users from embarrassing moments like that. Features 'Unsend' is a mode that can attract a message or a file that was accidentally sent to someone else.

    When a message or a file already in-unsend by the sender, then the person who 'already' accepted it will not save them in the device.

    All messages you want to delete will disappear either in the sender or recipient. This cancellation feature can be done by tapping on the message or file that was accidentally sent, and select Unsend.

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