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Luxury Nan Sophisticated Style Porsche

As part of the complex Porsche, Solis hotel will pamper travelers with sophisticated design properties and high service standards.

A leading real estate investment company Swiss, Acron, along Capella Hotel Group has recently introduced the newest hotel called Solis Hotel.

Solis Hotel is located in Two Porsche Drive, right alongside the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

One interesting thing of Solis Hotel, the property was designed by award-winning firm, HOK Architects who also designed the headquarters of Porsche Cars North America.

"We are proud to be part of a unique experience and legendary Porsche has created for its clients. We will add a luxury hotel in the complex, which reflects the standard high perfection that has been widely known as part of the Porsche," said Horst Schulze, CEO of Capella Hotel Group, as quoted from the written press statement.

Not only luxury, Solis also will be the first new hotel on the east side of Atlanta International Airport Hartsfield-Jackson since the opening of the new International Terminal.

As part of the complex Porsche, Solis hotel will pamper travelers with sophisticated design properties and high service standards.

The hotel will offer 214 guest rooms with signature suite, luxury and comfortable restaurant, 6,500 square meters of event space including a ballroom of 3,600 square meters. There is also a rooftop lounge with superb views.

Guests are also pampered with typical Solis facilities that include services for guests to take their Porsche vehicles newly purchased and a tour around the complex Porsche.source

May 2016, Flores will be the center of attention the World Tourist

Flores Island tourism will be lifted into the world international through the Tour de Flores, 2016. The event will take place on 15-25 May 2016. Wrapped in sport tourism, this event will introduce a variety of tourist destinations on the island of Flores and is expected to repeat the success of the Tour de Singkarak.
Flores, NTT (
Tour de Flores 2016 held from Larantuka to Labuan Bajo, There are 5 stages are Stage 1 (Larantuka-Maumere), Stage 2 (Maumere-Ende), Stage 3 (Ende-Bajawa), Stage 4 (Bajawa-Ruteng), stage 5 (Ruteng-Labuan Bajo).

At each stage, participants will see the tourism potential of the region for example Kelimutu Ende or village of Bena Bajawa.

Before the race started, the participants will be invited to see the attraction whaling in Lembata, and enjoy the beautiful island of Komodo in the final stage. Total route that will be passed as far as 648 km.

At the peak of later events, participants will be welcomed a number of ministers and ambassadors. In addition to cycling, Flores residents will also hold cultural attractions, bazaar, and the party of the people in every town through which the participants of the Tour de Flores 2016.

Participants of the race itself consists of international cyclists are members of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) as many as 20 teams with a total of 200 people, the national cyclists as much as 2 teams with a total of 20 people, and the cyclist NTT many as 10 people who are members of one team.

Participants overall total is 230 people. Hundreds of international cyclists are invited to enliven competition and promote the beauty of Flores. The plan, which invited the international team from Australia and New Zealand.

Flores was chosen as the location for sports tourism because it has a tourist attraction that will no doubt. Flores is one of the most beautiful island in Indonesia. Volcanoes that runs along the island creating hills that form the letter V.

Land surface exhibiting a sharp-pointed soaring grandeur of the hill and the foot of the mountain where it was there dwells a variety of local ethnic groups. The cultural heritage of the stone age tribe Flores will amaze anyone who linger.

(Source: Ministry of Tourism Sites Indonesia,

Zika virus infection, what to do?

Illustration mosquitoes. ©

Currently the medical world are doing to stem the spread of standby Zika virus, the virus is transmitted by the mosquito Aedes aegypti. If the media is transmitted through mosquito bites, of course you can not predict it. Next thing you know, you already feel the early symptoms of the appearance of Zika virus in the body such as fever, pain in joints, fatigue and easy fatigue, appearance of rashes in some parts of the body, as well as eye injuries.

So, what should you do?

Well, you should not need to panic. Because the WHO or the World Health Organization has had several suggestions apt to prevent further danger of this disease.

"Zika virus actually get into the type of minor illnesses. If you already have symptoms early on, many-many breaks. Then drink plenty of healthy fluids and taking medication that has been prescribed by a doctor," wrote WHO on its website.

Meanwhile, to prevent this disease from the beginning, a lot of things you can do like:

1. Applying mosquito repellent cream
2. Using clothes with bright colors that minimize mosquitoes can perch on your body.
3. Try to sleep using mosquito nets are installed on your bed.
4. Clean regularly like the water reservoirs or empty if not necessary. And because this is a favorite place of mosquitoes to lay eggs.
5. Lastly, always keep the environment clean your residence to conduct fumigation to prevent the development of mosquito Aedes aegypti. (Feb)

Funny, appears soundtrack Fast and Furious version of Java

Fast and Furious 7. © 2014 Merdeka

"It's been a long day without you my friend
And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again
We've come a long way from where we Began
Oh, I'll tell you all about it when I see you again
When I see you again "

If you are a fan of the movie Fast and Furious certainly familiar with the song. Yes, writing on a fragment of lyrics entitled 'When I see you again' popularized by Wiz Khalifa. The song was made specifically as an introduction movie starring Vin Diesel.

So, what happens if the song was composed the lyrics to the Java language?

Video uploaded YouTube account named Nizamt is captured netizens with their work. Entire lyrics changed with the Java language, and unique when sung exactly as the original song sung Wiz Khalifa.

Here's the video:


New! Now review applications in Google Play Store can be in-Like

Google Play. © androidcentral
Review of applications in Google Play Store is necessary for many Android users. Before installing an application, check any reviews, whether good or bad, can help users make decisions will perform the installation or not.

Well, Google is now easier to do that with the addition of features 'Like' and 'Spam' in the column of the revised Google Play Store. When you see there is a review that is important or useful, you can affix Like, like on Facebook.
'Like' on the Google Play Store 2016 Phone Arena

Conversely, if there are reviews that are only reproach or annoying, you can knock 3 point icon beside the button 'Like' and then categorized them as 'spam'.
'Spam' in the Google Play Store 2016 Phone Arena

Lastly, you can sort the list based on three requirements review. The first sorted by most recent, most helpful, or at most received a rating (Like). With these features, you can more easily read helpful about the application that you are looking for.
The new features of Google Play Store 2016 Phone Arena. (BBO)

Toyota wants 'annexed' Daihatsu until they run out!

Toyota has recently been revealed that it was considering to take full control on the Daihatsu with the potential deal valued at USD 3.1 billion or equivalent to IDR 43 trillion.
Toyota and Daihatsu. © 2016 Merdeka
Currently, Toyota holds a controlling stake of 51.2 percent over the Daihatsu. By 2015, they experienced a decline in the number of sales with 13.3 percent. Even so, it was reported that the Japanese giant tersbeut interested to buy the remaining shares to increase production demands. Especially in the Indian market and other countries.

"We continue to consider a number of possibilities associated with Daihatsu, such as a partnership or business restructuring. Including making subsidiary," said Toyota spokesman was quoted as saying Carscoops (28/1).

According to Christopher Richter, senior analysis at CLSA said, "I can easily see that Daihatsu will suffer the same fate with the Datsun used as a cheap brand by Nissan." [Ega]

Discourse Russia - OPEC Production Cuts for the Oil Price Rise

World oil prices rose on Thursday (Friday morning GMT), after Russia said they would hold a meeting with OPEC. In this meeting, possible production cuts crude oil could reach as much as five percent per country.
Illustration of Oil and Gas
Benchmark US light sweet crude or West Texas Intermediate (WTI) for delivery in March, rose 92 cents to end at USD 33.22 per barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Brent North Sea crude for delivery in March, the European benchmark, to settle at USD 33.89 per barrel in London, up 79 cents from Wednesday's close. Previously, Brent hit a three-week almost USD 36 per barrel.

According to the Russian news agency, Energy Minister Alexander Novak said that Moscow is ready to take part in a meeting of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) aims to establish the possibility of coordination.

He also said the talks could be about cutting production to five percent per country, an action that would sharply tighten the supply of crude oil internationally.

head of commodities research at Capital Economics, Julian Jessop said the proposal should be taken seriously because Russia and Saudi Arabia each produces about 10 million barrels per day, representing nearly 20 percent of global supply.

Analysts at Barclays Research also downplayed the idea. "We remain very skeptical that the meeting would produce a credible supply cuts," they said in a client note.

"So, we see this as nothing more than an attempt to shift the market sentiment, and we do not expect that it will change the physical imbalance the market. There is a possibility that Russia was testing situations to gauge how far the OPEC members will respond to the idea of ​​cutting (production)," said director of the Center for Global Energy Policy at Columbia University, Jason Bordoff.[idr]

Jokowi (Indonesia President) now has official Instagram Account

Joko Widodo President finally has an official account on the social network Instagram. In a short time, account Jokowi president had already attended more than 190 thousand users Instagram.
Jokowi Instagram
In this official account, Jokowi already uploaded 38 photos relating to his duties during his tenure as the number 1 in Indonesia.

Previously, Jokowi also been active in other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. In a statement Jokowi uploaded through his Facebook account, he explained that Instagram account on behalf of himself before this is a fake account.

"I now have the official Instagram account. The address is: The other is not my account ya know. Thank you," said Jokowi through his official Facebook account.

Indeed, earlier if you type in the search field Jokowi Instagram, it appears some accounts like Irjokowidodo, jokowi_dodo, and several similar accounts in the name of Jokowi. So, for your social network Instagram user, do not let one account follow Mr. President we yes. [Dzm]

Van Gaal: I've been fired three times at Man United

Louis van Gaal (to) Man Utd

Manchester United coach, Louis van Gaal criticized media coverage about him. Van Gaal said that the English media often make the news far from reality.

One of the news that is most often written about Van Gaal is dismissal. Boring game Manchester United and the results are below expectations indeed make the position of Van Gaal is often a matter for speculation.

However, Van Gaal admits that they always get the support of the club officials. Van Gaal was even a little joke about his dismissal.

"According to the media, I've been three times fired and in fact I am still sitting here. Support of Ed Woodward is fantastic, but it also can be a strain. When the board of directors gives confidence that is so big, the pressure is so high than when it was fired," says Van Gaal as reported by The Daily Mail.

Not only is rumored to be fired, Van Gaal also called already submitted his resignation to club officials. However, Van Gaal has denied the news. (tdm / HSW)

5 Destinations That Can Make You Stop Chat

Places in Indonesia following, will make you remove the gadget because the signal difficult to obtain. But still, please enjoy a beautiful panorama!
Photo: Afif Farhan/detikTravel
 As we know, the exotic destinations are usually remote location. Either the island in the middle of the ocean, or in the inland wilderness. That's where the delicious, we can be satisfied without having merely holding holiday gadget and a chat.

Compiled, Thursday (01/28/2015) This is 5 destinations that make you stop chat:
    (John Randy / detikTravel)

1. Inland Papua

Holidays to the interior of Papua, to see the landscape and culture that people rarely see. A traveler can go to Wamena, to explore the Baliem, met mummy to see gahar war dance.

Or, try venturing into the village Sugapa and Ugimba. Village near Carstensz Peak, one of the seven highest peaks on seven continents. There are many places unspoiled, from the forest to the river that purportedly jurasic reverse flow from the feet to the top of the mountain.

The interior of Papua, has not received telephone signal. So, just turn off your cell phones and gadgets and holidays to the maximum.

(MC Nugraha / d Traveler)
2. Peaks

Some mountain peaks in Indonesia, the phone signal is difficult to obtain. This of course syik, because you can enjoy the panoramic view from the top of the mountain without busy checking social media or chat with friends.

Please explore each corner to get the best views. But remember, be careful and obey the regulations yes!

If you have the time and costs more, it never hurts to climb the Seven Summit Indonesia, alias seventh highest peak in Indonesia. The list is Mount Bukit Raya (2,278 masl) in Central Kalimantan, Mount Binaiya (3,207 masl) in Maluku, Mount Latimojong (3,478 masl) in South Sulawesi, Mount Semeru (3,676 masl) in East Java, Mount Rinjani (3,726 masl) in Lombok Mount Kerinci (3,805 masl) in Jambi and Carstensz (4884 masl) in Papua.

(Shafa / detikTravel)
3. Wae Rebo, NTT

One of the most famous traditional village in Indonesia, it is definitely Wae Rebo. Its location is in the middle of the mountains of Central Manggarai, Flores, NTT. From Labuan Bajo, you can go to Denge village which is the starting point of the trip.

Prepare stamina, because the distance to be traveled on foot towards the village of Wae Rebo of Denge reach 9 kilometers to the terrain meliak-contortion. If you use a time, can be 4 hours.

Once in Wae Rebo, you will be amazed by 7 houses Niang (local custom house) that is above an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level. The houses are located cone shaped circular and face each other. The scenery around is green mountains like a giant tapestry. Clean blue sky becomes the roof, perfect!

Wae Rebo already more than 100 years old and still adhered firmly ancestral customs. The local community rejected the inclusion of the technology because they can create an atmosphere and culture damaged. Coupled with the lack of mobile phone signal, you feel like in the middle of nowhere a beautiful place.

(Hardy Limiyanto / dTraveler)

4. Sombori, Southeast Sulawesi

Sombori is Morowali Water Conservation Area. Sombori located on the border between Southeast Sulawesi and Central Sulawesi. The closest access is through Kendari, followed by a six-hour drive to the pier Lafeu in Central Sulawesi. Then continued by boat towards Sombori with about three hours.

Sombori has a nickname as Raja Ampat its Southeast Sulawesi. Yes, many islands of coral with turquoise sea graded there. The water is clear, and in the sea is rich with coral reefs.

A stretch of white sandy beach really beautiful to look at. note ya, exotic spots there that Diamond Cave, Koko Beach, Island Two and many more. Keep in mind, if there is no electricity and signals in Sombori. For the traveler who wants to calm down and thirst for adventure, Sombori in Central Sulawesi could be a recommendation of the best sights without having to busy playing gadget.

(Yuki Anggia Princess / dTraveler)

5. Peucang, Banten

Peucang Island National Park Ujung Kulon, Banten so a traveler refuge from Jakarta and Bandung. The island is still natural, fresh air and away from urban bustle. Moreover, there is no phone signal.

Located at the western tip of Java island, who would need extra effort to achieve, Peucang undoubtedly save stunning natural beauty. Portrait of white sand beaches has graced the albums of the walkers. Some mentioned that the islands included in Ujung Kulon National Park has a nature that is still wild.

Anything that you can do in Peucang, please trekking to the coral reef Copong which is perforated like Tanah Lot in Bali, photographing bull in Cidaon, canoeing in Muara Cigenter encountered or snorkel in Cihandarusa. really digital detox! (sst / sst)

There a Real Ninja Academy in Japan

Nara - Lively and can move as fast as the wind, that ninja. If you want to know more, tourists come to the Ninja Academy in Japan.
Photo: @ masami_1010 / InstagramNinja Academy emblem Ninpou in Nara (
Generally traveler thought if ninjas only exist in a Japanese film. But make no mistake, in fact, there is the Ninja Academy, located in the city of Nara. Reported detikTravel of the site Ninpou Ninja Academy, Thursday (28/01/2016) traveler could learn to be a ninja!

In the Ninja Academy, a traveler can choose to take part ninja package for one day or two days. After selecting the package, the traveler will be directly taught by the ninja with a long duration of five hours. A fairly short time to master the science of ninjutsu.

A traveler was required to wear a distinctive Japanese ninja before starting the exercise. Afterwards the sensei will teach you to use five main weapon ninja, the katana, shuriken, blow guns, bows to guns!

At the beginning of the exercise sword, a traveler will be given the original sword and taught to cut like a ninja. Tatami placed on a wooden pole had become a sword training. After slashing tatami, training the next weapon is using shuriken again the original.

A traveler was required on a target on the wall using shuriken, which certainly sharp. Then the accuracy was further tested with inflatable weapons training, archery to shoot a rifle. Like a real ninja.

By noon, a traveler will be served lunch in the form of Japanese udon and rice balls ninja. Exercise may ninja, but do not forget lunch. The ninja also definitely need to eat too.

If you want to study at the Ninja Academy Ninpou, the price per package is around 3,500 yen or Rp 408 thousand. The bonus is photographed with sensei in a ninja costume. Banzai! (sst / sst)

City to Final, De Bruyne Injury

Manchester - expensive price to be paid Manchester City qualified for the final of the English League Cup, when Kevin De Bruyne suffered a knee injury in the game.
Photo: Action Images via Reuters / Jason Cairnduff
In the second leg of the League Cup semi-final between City and Everton at the Etihad Stadium, Etihad Stadium, Thursday (01/28/2016) pm dawn, De Bruyne who come on as substitutes appear bright.

His goal in the 70th minute brought City back ahead 2-1 over Everton, after being left earlier. Then eight minutes later, crossing her headlong into the penalty box by Sergio Aguero to ensure a 3-1 victory.

However, De Bruyne could not finish the game because in the final minutes of normal time, suddenly he fell clutching his right knee as he groaned in pain.

The match was stopped a few minutes and De Bruyne must exit the field with a stretcher. Sights unwanted City certainly remember that mean De Bruyne quite severe injury.

Things which confirmed directly by the City manager, Manuel Pellegrini, related knee injuries acquired De Bruyne. Nevertheless related injury levels De Bruyne, Pellegrini still have to wait for further examination.

"It is difficult to determine the injury. He is still with the doctor," Pellegrini said as quoted by Soccernet.

"It could be the medial ligament of his hit. Tomorrow we will have news about the development of the condition, but obviously the injury is quite bad," he continued.

"We'll see about De Bruyne tomorrow. It is difficult to know at this time. I am optimistic because it is not his cruciate ligament were hit," he concluded.

Since purchased from Wolfsburg with 54 million pounds, De Bruyne performed brilliantly with a notch 11 goals and 13 assists 30 times play throughout the event.(mrp / nds)

66% Discount Traveler averse Without Gadgets

Vacation without gadgets

Now, gadgets become one of the most important tools when traveling. The proof, 66% trusted traveler says 'no' when offered traveling without gadgets.
In fact, the holiday without the gadget is still possible in a world full of technology. The proof, the old days when there is no gadget, the traveler can still streets where. If the requested vacation without gadgets, the first question that probably occurred in your mind is: what it was like vacation without uploading photos to social media?

detikTravel conducted a survey by asking questions through social media networks and communities. The survey was conducted throughout Wednesday (01/27/2016). The question is simple, a vacation without gadgets, YES or NO?

Of all respondents collected detikTravel, 66% trusted traveler said NO. While the remaining 34% said YES. That is, the dependence on gadgets while traveling is quite high.

"Nay nay nay noooo ... We live in the digital age, the gadget many positive benefits anyway," said a traveler named Dian Ekawati throughdhyaNKeecciill account.

Something similar is agreed by Christine Siregar throughchristinemsrg Twitter account, as well as some other traveler.

"NO. Not about narcissistic, but fear of a stray or there are unexpected events. At least we can love gadgets news," he wrote.

"NO. Kepake really for nyari road," said Shinta throughshintawg account.

"Now I actually hardly ever photographs of disposable cameras, all of my gadgets. So do not possible to present conditions, the roads do not carry the gadget," said one dTraveler, Merza Gamal.

However, some of the traveler agrees with the opposite. They agreed on the word YES because the essence of traveling is not limited by the gadget.

"It could really. Could be enjoying the atmosphere, scenery and chatting with people around, so more tasteless vacation," said dTraveler named Dyah Isnaemi.

"It could really. If you want to find any info can ask people around there, makes us more interaction with people around us. Quieter and enjoyable holidays because there is no burden of the office!" Rani said Tezar which is also one dTraveler.

Though in fact, some people who say YES continue to apply exceptions. Gadgets still needed their usefulness in certain destinations.

"Must carry gadgets such as cameras remarkable destinations cross-eyed if a storm, and the possibility of returning to the site of the very thin. For example to Raja Ampat. Already cool, expensive tickets, continue to not bring a camera? Can cry blood," said Van Alvin.

If you, dare not traveling without gadgets? (sst / sst)

Calculated Depression, Turns Women's Taxable Rare Brain Disease

London, two years ago, Hollie Turner began to complain of fatigue and constantly feel thirsty after gave birth to her daughter, Myah. Doctors suspect he was exposed to diabetes or thyroid disorders, so Hollie asked to undergo a series of tests.
Photo: Cascade News
But apparently to no avail. By the doctor, then Hollie was diagnosed with depression. "He was back and forth to the doctor, but all of them said he was just depressed and gave him treatment for patients with depression," said the mother, Sherri Thompson.

Until one day, Hollie intended to visit his grandmother in London. Hollie who usually drink every five minutes or so, suddenly that day do not drink at all, particularly along the way. Not him, in the middle of the road Hollie unconscious.

21-year-old woman was eventually taken to a hospital. When checked, the doctors had said that if a little late, Hollie may be dying because it turned out he had a tumor in his brain.

It's just the exact diagnosis can only be given a team of doctors and a half months later. They said that Hollie suffering from Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH). Similar to leukemia, LCH is actually triggered by the excessive production of Langerhans cells.

Langerhans cell itself is one type of white blood cell that exist on the skin and helps fight infections that enter the body.

The problem is, the number of cells was not only excessive but also has spread to other body parts, including the pituitary gland in the brain. Here the Langerhans cells can form tumors and trigger permanent organ damage.

Since discovered suffering from LCH, Hollie also had to undergo chemotherapy, approximately one year duration. Unfortunately, what the doctors feared proven. LCH in the body Hollie already lead to permanent organ damage.

Until finally the lover of Joe Glover was breathed her last a few days ago. "Despite the pain, she had never complained and was always concerned with his family. He was an inspiration to us all," said Hollie friend, Melissa Glover reports the Mirror. (Lll / vit)

Protests Authority Policy Denmark, Ai Weiwei Close Solo Exhibition

Controversial Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has not stopped defending the refugees seeking asylum in different countries. Including the events that took place in Denmark on Wednesday this week.
Photo: Huffington Post
Ai protest against the policy of the Danish government decided to take valuables from refugees and asylum seekers in the country. Solo exhibition entitled 'ruptures' has been ongoing since last March 2015 and the plan would expire in April.

Gallery owners Jens Faurschou support the decision of the artist and expressed disappointment at the government's decision. "Denmark into a terrible state for asylum seekers and I support the decision of Ai," he said in an interview to the BBC, as reported Thursday (01/28/2016).

Although not surprised by the decision of Ai, but Faurschou still hope there is a solution to the problem of refugees.

In 2015, there were 21,000 asylum seekers who want to live in Denmark. While Denmark is not the first European country that demands a valuable asset of the refugees. Previously, there was Switzerland which also provides that asylum seekers must submit assets above $ 1,000.

"When Ai lived in the country, he made the artwork of the problems there. Now she lives in Europe and pointed to the problem here. Ai Weiwei have a global voice," he concluded.

Beginning in January, Ai said to have opened an art studio in the Greek island of Lesbos named. Through art, Ai wants to raise public awareness of refugee issues. His studio was run by students from China and Germany, and will produce some protectionism with themes related to the refugee crisis. (tia / doc)

Milan derby, Inter Opportunity to Return to Track

Turin - After the semi-final against Juventus in the Coppa Italia, Inter Milan has been waiting for AC Milan in the derby. The match against Milan will be a chance for the Nerazzurri to return to the track.
Getty Images / Francesco Pecoraro
Inter only won once in its last five matches in all competitions. Specifically in the arena of Serie A, they had never won in the last three matches and have been displaced from the top of the standings.

Inter defeated Juventus 0-3 in the first leg semi-finals of the Coppa Italia at Juventus Stadium, Turin, Thursday (28/01/2016) pm dawn. Three goals were lodged in the Juve goalkeeper Samir Handanovic scored by Alvaro Morata (two goals) and Paulo Dybala.

To turn things around and qualify for the final, Inter must beat Juve by a margin of at least four goals in the second meeting to be held at the Giuseppe Meazza, March 2 next.
"Always annoying every time you lose and even more so against Juventus. So, we have to fight to the end in the second leg," said the Inter defender, Danilo D'Ambrosio, in the club's official website.

Inter will now face their neighbors Milan in Serie A on Monday (01/02/2016) pm dawn. They are determined to achieve positive results in order to remain competitive at the top.
"We have a big game in four days, which could restore us to our way again in the league. We have to get up again and try to record a series of victories as he has done Juventus," said D'Ambrosio.

Inter now occupies the fourth position in the standings with the acquisition of 41 points, six points behind Napoli in the first position. Meanwhile, Milan sits in sixth position with 33 points.(MFI / krs)

Take note! Today Last Day Supersemar Restore IDR 4.4 trillion to the Indonesia State

Jakarta - After struggling for years, the people of Indonesia who handed power to the government and the Attorney General of IDR 4.4 trillion won money were diverted Supersemar Foundation. The execution enters the final stage.
Photo: Courtesy / AFP
Appropriate records AFP on Thursday (01/28/2016), the South Jakarta District Court (PN South Jakarta) gave up today to Supersemar to implement the Supreme Court decision. South Jakarta District Court gave time for the foundation to pay voluntary misappropriation of funds related to the foundation scooped from state banks SOEs amounted to Rp 4.4 trillion.

"We'll give you 8 days, as the time to implement the decision voluntarily," said publicist South Jakarta District Court Sutrisna Made in office, Jl Ampera Raya, South Jakarta, on January 20 last.
This voluntary execution process has been run according to the rules. That is:

December 23, 2015
South Jakarta District Court sent a letter of warning (aanmaning) first order Supersemar run the Supreme Court decision. The foundation was absent with reason busy.

January 6, 2016
South Jakarta District Court returned a letter of warning (aanmaning) both to the foundations crafted by Suharto to be willing to implement the Supreme Court decision that has binding. Again the foundation was absent by reason of being busy.

January 20, 2016
South Jakarta District Court lifted the warning (aanmaning) last or third so that the foundation established in 1974 that would pay the state a loss of Rp 4.4 trillion. The foundation came and expressed the attitude is not going to implement the Supreme Court decision.

"The basis of the decision is still questionable," said attorney Supersemar, Bambang Hartono.
Above this, the South Jakarta District Court gave the deadline of 8 days for the Supersemar to be willing to implement the Supreme Court decision. Otherwise, the South Jakarta District Court invited the applicant (Attorney General) filed a forced execution.(asp / bar)

'Bilbao Could Make Barca Stop Playing'

Photo: Getty Images / Juan Manuel Serrano Arce
Barcelona - Barcelona had difficulty subduing Athletic Bilbao. Barca coach, Luis Enrique admitted that Los Leones which had been making Los Cules seems to stop playing.

In the match at the Camp Nou on Thursday (28/01/2016) pm dawn, Barca is 3-1 when confronted with Bilbao in the second leg of the Copa del Rey quarterfinals.

Barca conceded the first thanks to a goal from Inaki Williams in the 12th minute. They could only reply three times in the second half through Luis Suarez, Gerard Pique, and Neymar.

In the data reported by Soccernet, Bilbao could dampen Barca in the first round. They can withstand a potential attack Azulgrana to Lionel Messi et al. can only release the two trials and none on target.

In the second half, Barca were able to rise to release 16 extra shots, and eight of them to see the field.

"This is a very interesting game and both get a lot of praise," said Enrique as reported by Football Espana.

"This is a game that is very demanding of yourself, but it's hard to explain why (a team can play very different) in a complex game like this."

"Athletic will always demand a lot from you, and they can drown us in the first half. But we can still find the right solution."

"We are always faithful to our playing style. We won three games (against Athletic), and it's very difficult," he added.(cas / nds)

Veil in British Schools Can Make Poor Ratings

Photo: BBC Magazine
Sean Coughlan

Education Correspondent

Head of Ofsted, the regulatory body English school, Sir Michael Wilshaw told the overseers of education in the UK they can give bad assessment of the schools that allow the use of face veil.

Sir Michael said the inspector can assess the school as inadequate if wearing a face veil-like Part of followers of Islam in the Middle-East are considered 'hamper learning.'

British Education Minister Nicky Morgan said the decision on the veil is taken for uniform policy of each school.

Sir Michael says he wants to give 'full support' to the principal who wants to impose a ban on the use of the veil.

The Ministry of Education said that "clearly the right thing" that if the veil interfere with the learning process, Ofsted must take action.

But the Muslim Council of Britain said Ofsted do not need to 'boasting in the media to show his power.'

The leaders of school principals said that the supervisors also should not judge schools on school dress code.

But the head of Ofsted said he was worried that some principals 'under pressure' to loosen the face veil ban on the use, either for staff or pupils.(nwk)

CR7, Candidate King Real Estate?

Getty Images / Denis Doyle
Madrid - Imagine if one day see Cristiano Ronaldo no longer be a footballer, but a businessman? Well, get ready for it. Therefore, the recent CR7 is exploring the real estate business.

As reported by Spanish media based in Madrid, Marca, Ronaldo has just bought a fancy hotel in the area in Monte Carlo, Monaco. How much it costs? Ahem .. Very expensive, ie 140 million euros ($ 2.1 trillion).

According to the British company, Proto Group, the hotel purchase agreement reached last week and is a collaboration between the Proto Group, which is owned by Alessandro Proto, as well as businessmen --sekaligus US presidential candidate from the Republicans, Donald Trump.

This is not the first time Ronaldo to buy a high-priced property. At the end of last year, he bought an apartment in Trump Tower, New York, USA, for 16 million euros ($ 241 billion).

Hotels and apartments are in the collection of the newest properties. Prior to this, Ronaldo is also working with the Portuguese Hospitality Group, Pestana, which is owned by Dionisio Pestana.

Through such cooperation, which involves investment of some 70 million euros (1.05 trillion), Ronaldo became the "face" and partner of Pestana. Through the joint venture, Pestana open four hotels in four different locations, namely in Funchal (Madeira, Portugal, island-born Ronaldo), Lisbon, Madrid, and New York.

On 3 January, Ronaldo reveal his plans after retirement. Through his words, it was revealed that he had no intention at all to become a coach or manager. He wants to be able to enjoy life on the weekends, not like today.

"There is still life outside football. You could say that you've got the best job, money, cars, houses ... but it's not everything," said Ronaldo told Eurosport.

"For example: On Saturday, there was a boxing match in Las Vegas and I wanted to bring the family and my friends there, but I do not have time."

"After I retire, I want to live like a king," said Ronaldo.

King of real estate, maybe? (Roz / krs)

Lorenzo Rudolf Make Art Stage Singapore 'Go International'

Art Stage Singapore 2016

Marina Bay Sands - Lorenzo Rudolf and his wife Maria Elena Rudolf became an important figure behind the success of the mat grand Art Stage Singapore. Edition which has lasted for six time at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention was able to become an international art fair and is now worldwide.
Photo: Tia Agnes Astuti/detikHOT
Such as the issue of the participation of an art gallery each year is always increasing. This year, there are 173 art galleries in 34 countries of the world participating. In an interview, Lorenzo said Art Stage Singapore certainly not immune from the increase in art market or art market.

"Yes, every art fair anywhere, must always think of the art market. Of course the works displayed in the gallery remained on sale. But the art market is not the main issue an art fair," he said to detikhot.

In 'Art Stage Singapore', Lorenzo focusing on works by artists of Southeast Asia. According to him, the Asian artist has a special place in the exhibition, which he founded in 2010 is.

"Especially for those who consistently display works of urbanization, environmental, social, and freedom of expression," he said.

Lorenzo also figure behind the success of a variety of Art Basel in the world. Going forward, he has the vision and mission of the Art Stage Singapore.

"At Stage into five biggest in the world. So far, Hong Kong and Singapore into two regions competing and location multicultural to display works of art. Art Stage is still young and many have to learn. But, we will become global, I believe that, "said Lorenzo. Lorenzo currently lives and works in Lugano Switzerland and Singapore. In addition to the founder of Art Stage Singapore, he is also art dealers, curators, and art exhibition organizer.(tia / mmu)

Want to Study Medicine free? Please register to UNPAD

Jakarta - Create new students who want to study medicine for free can join the University of Padjadjaran (Unpad). There are 250 seats available for those interested in a free lecture. Requirement is easy, simply pass the test.
According to the Rector, Tri Hanggono Achmad, as quoted from page, Wednesday (01/27/2016), the faculty will accept 250 students with details of SNMPTN 125 and 125 of the track SBMPTN.

"All students accepted through the selection of the two lines will be free to use the cost of college through scholarships issued by the local government of 27 city / regency in West Java and scholarships from various parties, including the private institutions," he explained.
In a press conference attended Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Padjadjaran University Dr. Yoni Fuadah Syukriani, Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs Unpad, Dr. Arry Bainus, MA., As well as the Director of Education, Prof. Dr. Budi Setiabudiawan, dr., Sp.A-K., Kes.

According to him, the cost of these free beginning in 2016. This policy is taken, among others, to meet the needs of doctors and specialists in various areas, especially in West Java.
"In fact, the areas that require power, so they are ready to be able to provide the cost of education," added Tri Hanggono.

However, although free, there is a requirement stipulated to students Unpad Medical Education and Specialist Physician, that there is an agreement between the candidates with Unpad. The contents of the agreement, when graduate doctors free lecture is mandatory to serve in the region / institution specified. Otherwise, the Rector committed will not issue diplomas.

"Unpad want to build an attitude of readiness earnestly to serve the community for its graduates. If it is not willing to fulfill the agreement, do not select courses in Medicine, Padjadjaran University. There are many other universities are also providing medical education," said Tri Hanggono.(dra / dra)

Papua Make Tourists Spanish Curious

Tribes in Papua (Randy / detikTravel)
Madrid - Through the exhibition IFEMA (Feria de Madrid) in Spain recently, tourists Matador State enliven the Indonesian booth. One reason, is curious about exotic destinations in Papua.

Exhibition IFEMA (Feria de Madrid) just ended kemairn week, on January 20 to 24 in Madrid, Spain. The Ministry of Tourism also promotes archipelago shine through booth located in Hall 4 Stand F30.

One of the exhibitors at the booth Indonesia, is Adventure Carstensz. The tour operator of Papua, offering travel packages to various destinations in the Earth Paradise, of Raja Ampat to Carstensz.

"The tour package to Papua is quite interesting, as long lived longer than the average travel packages to Java, Bali or Lombok. This had a positive impact on the management of the resort and homestay in Papua," said Director of Adventure Carstensz, Rini Idyastuti release detikTravel received, on Wednesday (01/27/2016).
Visitors who book travel packages to Papua (Adventure Carstensz)

Rini explained, the 5-day exhibition at the Matador State, Adventure Carstensz booked more than 30 orders a travel package with tourist numbers at least 60 people. However, he added, the length of stay in Indonesia long enough, ranging from 2 weeks to 2 months.

"Not only Carstensz Pyramid glimpsed, but also other packages in Papua. They had already been to Bali and Lombok, but want blusukan deeper in the eastern part of Indonesia," said Rini.

According to Rini, a lot of Spanish tourists who booked a honeymoon package in Raja Ampat, West Papua. This package collaborated with activities diving, snorkeling and bird watching in natural forests bberapa point Raja Ampat. Not only that, in the interior of Papua cultural package also sold. Besides climbing Carstensz, some tourists from Spain booked a trip to the interior of Papua. In particular to the Asmat and the Baliem Valley.(aff / aff)

'Netflix Do not be arrogant, Respect Sovereignty Cyber ​​Indonesia'

Jakarta - Telkom Blocked streaming video service Netflix join fishing pros and cons. There are regretted, but others agree if it concerns the enforcement of regulatory rules and the sovereignty of Indonesia.
Photo: Istimewa
MCIT Rudiantara itself claimed no problem with Telkom step blocking Netflix, even he admitted that support for the rights of Telkom in its business policy.

But on the other hand, the Administrator and the Indonesian Telecommunications Regulatory Body (BRTI) together with a number of ministries and other institutions related entities, broadcasting, film, and others involved in setting up the rules.

"What does the minister have been the result of a meeting with the minister ITRB. We support innovative services to the public but must respect the regulations in force in Indonesia," said Imam Muhammad Nasir, a member ITRB, detikINET, Wednesday (27/01/2016).

According to him, in terms of content provision in Indonesia, Netflix is ​​given two options, whether filed as content service providers, that they meet the requirements / regulations exist, or in cooperation with existing content providers.

But it all with a record of the content itself is legal and does not violate the rules, for example on the side of the Film Act. The government itself, said Imam, is more likely to open innovation services to the community such as OTT (over-the-top).

"But to be fair in the administration. The term same rule or SSSR same service. Netflix should not be arrogant and must respect the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia, including in the cyber world," said Imam. (rou / fyk)

Because the condition is rare, Women's Born Without organ womb

Jen Irwin (33) did not suspect when the age of 15 years but he still was not getting her period. However, surprisingly, when she consulted a doctor, the doctor said that he did not have a uterus.
Photo: Daily Mail
Yes, Jen was diagnosed with Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH), disorder that affects about one out of five thousand women at birth. Congenital syndrome is born without a uterus or vagina at all, or do not grow perfectly. Even so, most women with this syndrome have ovaries that can function normally.

Since the diagnosis, Jen's life began to change. Confidence began to fall. He even admitted was the envy of his friends who experienced menstruation.

"I remember my friends used to tell me how their condition during menstruation. Although for the moment they seem inconvenient, but I just wanted to feel it," Jen said, as quoted from the Women's Health Mag, Wednesday (01/27/2016).

Although women with MRKH will probably never experienced menstruation and pregnant normally, but they can still perform the method of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) or IVF to have children with the help of a surrogate mother.

"But we decided to adoption in the future. We feel this may be the best decision," said Jen.

In his blog account, 'When Life Does not Give You a uterus .. Make Lemonade', Jen tells a lot of life experience to adapt to the disease. Ranging from mental preparation to face peers began to have a baby, to answer questions often asked people about their lives.

"I'm trying to open people's eyes about this disease through writing. I want them to know that I now accept my condition very well, and I want those who suffer from this particular condition can also do so. So, be happy," said Jen.(ajg / vit)

Green Bank, the City of the No Signal Mobile, Wi-Fi, Radio and Television

Green Bank, in Pocahontas County in West Virginia, USA, is one of the quiet residential place on earth. Here there is absolutely no cell phone signal, no Wi-Fi signal, even here there is no radio and television waves that can be captured.

But Green Bank instead of lagging behind in technology. Instead, this area is home to one of the world's largest radio telescope named Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope (GBT), operated by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. GBT is the reason why this town electromagnetic silence from the crowd.

Radio telescope works by detecting the electromagnetic waves coming from distant galaxies. This signal is so faint that small emission of radio waves from electronic gadgets may interfere with the reading of the radio telescope. For this reason, all mobile phones, Wi-Fi, radio and other communication devices are prohibited here. There is no cell phone towers around this area, there is no music played on the radio or on television soap operas. Even gasoline-fueled cars are not allowed because gasoline engines use a spark to burn a mixture of fuel and air, and electrical sparks generate electromagnetic waves.

The boundaries of the free zone extends far beyond the Green Bank, an area roughly equal to 13,000 square miles. This region called the Zone of Silence National Radio (National Radio Quiet Zone), and is located around the sparsely populated rural cross-border West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland. Almost all types of radio transmissions and certain electronic devices is prohibited here that the Green Bank Radio Telescope can work without interruption. Green Bank is a community that is closest to the Radio Telescope.

Free life in Green Bank technology may seem impossible for those who can not live without their cell phones, but for the 140 residents of the city, their life is full of happiness. Children are not glued to the glowing screen of their mobile device. They actually talk to each other, instead of SMS. People greet each other and leave their doors unlocked. If they need to talk to someone outside the city, they use a public phone.

Living in the shadow of a giant telescope, some citizens are not even aware of the technological advances elsewhere.

"We did not realize that the whole world is increasingly connected and stay connected constantly, over the phone, internet and others," Caleb said Diller, who grew up in Pocahontas County, NPR. "In that case, compared with other regions, we like living in the past."
Over the past few years, many people came and stayed at Green Bank. These people claimed to suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity, or EHS (illness is not recognized by the scientific community). It is said that people who suffer from EHS get symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, rashes, irregular heartbeat, weakness and chest pain due to electromagnetic radiation.

"Life here is not perfect," said Diane Schou, one immigrant "electrosensitive" first came to Green Bank with her husband in 2007. "There are no shops, no restaurants, no hospital nearby. But here, at least, I feel healthy. I can work. I'm not in bed with a headache all the time. " Source

Gray Hair Eliminating the Simple Way

Whoever the person, certainly will have gray hair with age. But not a bit of both teenagers, and those who are young have shown gray in his hair.

There are so many reasons why premature graying of hair can, from certain diseases, stress and genetics. Gray Hair itself occurs as a result of the body's inability to produce melanin, which is part of the hair follicle.

Normally, after the production of melanin in the hair follicles to stop hair graying. But if you premature gray hair, it never hurts to do the following easy ways to eliminate them.

1. Remove This Amazing Drinks Fast Gray Hair

Gray Hair Photo
The trick is to create a natural drink, which is able to reverse graying hair back to its natural color. The materials used are very strong and remarkable. In addition, this drink is also very useful for people who have vision problems. The following materials and how, which we quoted from the site healthyfoodteam.

The materials that you will need is; 200 grams of linseed oil. Three cloves of garlic (small). One kilogram of honey. And four lemons.

How to make it: Squeeze the lemon and peeled garlic, then put into a blender and mash / puree. Next, add the linseed oil and honey, then stir again. Save this herb in a glass container and cover tightly and store in the refrigerator.

How to use? Take one tablespoon of the mixture which had been made then drink half an hour before a meal, the recommended dosage is three times a day. It is recommended that you use a wooden spoon just not iron / steinless.

And spend, then you can see the changes in the graying hair.

2. With Lemon and Garlic
Gray Hair Photo
As quoted from healthyfoodteam, the ingredients you need are: Linseed oil 200 milliliters, eampat lemon (peeled), three cloves of garlic, and a kilogram of honey.

How: Slice of lemon and garlic. Add flaxseed and honey. Mix everything together and store in a jar. Let this herb in a cool temperature. Consumption of this recipe one tablespoon twice a day, before meals.

Meanwhile, you can make hair care by massaging the scalp twice a week for 2-3 months, with cow's milk butter.

3. With Potato Skin

there are new and very natural way, that is with the potato skins. Yes, only with material that we often waste while making the processed potatoes. So how?

The new treatment solutions is evidenced by a doctor named Anthony Youn, when the practice directly on the show Rachel Ray Show.

Perhaps many do not believe, but a woman to prove in the event.

First, all it takes is a handful of potato skins and also two glasses of water. The trick is also very easy, by mixing water into the potato skins, then simmer for about 30 minutes.

After boiling, remove from heat and let cool for five minutes, and then strain the cooking water of the potato skin. And you're ready to use it on the hair graying. If there are no brushes, you can enter the cooking water into the container of used shampoo and rinse as you wash it.

And within minutes, the hair gets darker, even the gray hair will change to its original hair color.

If still not convinced, here's the video for you to see.

So you are ready to use it, to make you look young again? Please try it. source

Performance wants Mr. P Terrific Up Old? Consumption of Fruits It

New York - Erectile dysfunction is a terrible scourge for men. But there are various ways you can do that Mr. P is able to have a great performance with age. One of them regularly eat fruits contain flavonoids.
Stress makes the blood flow to the muscles focused other parts of the body, not on Mr. P
Fruits are rich in flavonoids, such as berries and citrus types according to researchers from Harvard University's TH Chan School of Public Health in the United States and the University of East Anglia in the UK is able to reduce the risk of natural male erectile dysfunction. At least affected by erectile dysfunction can reduce up to 10 percent.

After investigation, researchers concluded flavonoids can improve a man's ability to achieve and maintain an erection for supporting the health of blood vessels. In a previous study found that these compounds can improve the function of blood vessels and reduce blood pressure.

There are three specific --anthocyanins flavonoids, flavanones, and flavones-- which prevents erectile dysfunction for men as quoted Health, Sunday (24/01/2016).

Flavonoids types of anthocyanins typically ditmeukan in fruit blueberries and blackberries. Then, flavanones, and flavones most commonly found in citrus fruits.source

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