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    13 Most Strange Sightings in Google Earth

    Tuesday, January 19, 2016, January 19, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-20T07:13:19Z
    Earth (Source NASA via Live Science)
    Mountain View - Information Centuries is indeed amazing. The abundance of new information instead of the now exposed not only in writing, but in the form of images.

    The use of Google Earth, for example, presents a number of objects, places, or strange phenomena that had been unknown or hidden parts of the Earth, for example graves fighter aircraft obsolete, pattern polka dot artificial ants, structure strange in the Gobi desert, and the island of superstition in South Pacific ,

    Well, let's look at 13 unique findings is from Live Science quoted as saying on Tuesday (19/01/2016).

    1. Superstition Island

    In 2012, a group of Australian researchers 'find' an island the size of Manhattan Island (New York) in the South Pacific.

    Near the island of New Caledonia was named Sandy Island and looks solid black in Google Earth. But when they sailed there in November 2012, they did not find anything except the vast ocean.
    Island superstition (Source Live Science)
    In a publication in April 2013, the researchers explain why this fantasy land listed in the map for over a century and believes that human error or the presence of pumice.

    2. Lake 'blood'
    Blood red lake (Source Live Science)
    A body of water outside the city of Sadr City in Iraq look like a lake of blood-red. There has been no official explanation as to the point at coordinates 33.396157 ° N, 44.486926 ° E is.

    3. Art Ants

    A polka dot pattern of anomalous near the cone of the volcano Vulcan's Throne in the north of the Grand Canyon may be explained simply as the ant nest.

    In fact, the desert around the Grand Canyon has become home to the red ant (Pogonomyrmex barbatus).
    Anthill (Source Live Science)
    These pests can create mounds up to stretched 120 centimeters and usually surrounded by barren land area of ​​10 square meters, said physicist Amelia Carolina Sparavigna, a specialist in the analysis of satellite imagery in Politecnico of Torino in Italy.

    He discussed in scientific papers online on January 11, 2016. However, the paper still has to get a referral fellow experts in the field and require examination.

    4. Island in the lake

    The unique island a piece of land covering an area of ​​4 hectares in Canada are located at coordinates 69.793 ° N, 108.241 ° W.
    Island-in-the-lake-island-in-the-lake-island (Source Live Science)
    This nameless island in the middle of a lake located on the larger island.

    Everything exists within the lake extends like a finger on the mainland as far as 75 miles from the southern coast of Victoria Island, a land in northern Canada.

    Island in the island will not be unnoticed if not for the persistence of Google Earth lover. Most likely there are people who have never been there.

    5. Grave Aircraft

    Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona is a state of 'carcass' US military planes stationed.

    Known as 'grave', a stretch of scrap metal covering 10.52 square kilometers is located at coordinates 32 08'59,96 "N, 110 50'09,03" BB and closed to the public.
    Aircraft cemetery (Source Live Science)
    However, Google Earth gives a high resolution picture of what is inside, including almost all types of fighter aircraft ever since World War II, from the B-52 Stratofortress until the F-14 Tomcat was 'rot'.

    6. Letter Largest

    Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, a billionaire Sheikh and members of the ruling family in Abu Dhabi, making his name engraved on the surface of the sand on the island al Futaisi (Persian Gulf) hers.

    The word 'HAMAD' as high as 1.6 kilometers along the 3.2 kkilometer this could be the largest worldwide and seen from space.
    Hamad (Source Live Science)
    Usually the letters are engraved in the sand will be swept away, but the size is big enough to be a channel of water that absorbs the waves invasion. When the satellite was taking his picture, there is waves were flowing in the letter M.

    7. The view wild elephants
    Wild elephants (Source Live Science)
    No thought would never see hordes of African elephants in the wild? Well, the satellites taking high-resolution images on the loose group of elephants in Chad at the coordinates N 10.903497, 19.93229 BT.

    8. Mysterious Structures in Gobi Desert

    The new findings on Google Earth reveal mysterious structures and patterns etched in the beginning of the Gobi desert in China. According to experts, this place is a secret military base, and the existing buildings used for various purposes eg weapons testing, calibration of spy satellites, and the testing of radar instruments.
    Gobi (Source Live Science)
    The most complicated forms are lattice perfect lines that turn every 33 kilometers, and most likely a Yagi antenna array for tracking weather and other atmospheric research purposes.

    9. KFC Logo

    Given the number of people who use Google Earth peek, do not be surprised if a number of advertisements popping up in remote areas. That can only be seen from space - a concept known as 'mapvertising'.
    KFC logo (Source Live Science)
    For example, the largest Coca-Cola logo on the side of a mountain in Chile and touted 70,000 empty bottles are made from the drink. Then, the image of Colonel Sander (KFC logo) covering more than 8129 square meters on the edge of the overpass Extraterrestrial Highway in the state of Nevada, at coordinates 37.646163 ° N, 115.750819 ° west.

    10. Shipwrecks
    Wrecks (Source Live Science)
    Ship S.S. Jassim, a Bolivian cargo ship ran aground and sank at Wingate Reef off the coast of Sudan in 2003. The 81-meter long ship was now one of the largest shipwrecks visible on Google Earth, at the location 19 ° 38 '46.00 "N, 37 ° 17 '42.00 "E.

    11. Lips
    'Lips' giant (Source Live Science)
    This exciting lip is formed by hills in Gharb Darfur, in Sudan at coordinates 12 ° 22'13,32 "N, 23 ° 19'20,18" BT.

    12. UFO Australia?

    At coordinates 30 ° 30'38.44 "S, 115 ° 22'56.03" E in Australia, there is the appearance of dots forming a triangle brightly lit in the middle of the field. When first discovered in 2007, the UFO enthusiast immediately calling it a "UFO triangle 'that caught hovering above the earth.
    UFO Australia (Source Live Science)
    A number of users of Google Earth to say that it could be an antenna related to wind power berkendali away that is nearby. Antennae tower there in the middle with three piles amplifier forming a triangle around it.

    13. Pentagram magic
    Pentagram (Source Live Science)
    In the middle of the windy steppes of Central Asia, in remote areas in Kazakhstan, there is a large pentagram 366 meters in diameter which is engraved into the surface of the Earth. Pentagon is surrounded by a circle and located on the south coast dam Upper Tobol.source


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