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15th birthday, Wikipedia Fighting Find Fresh Funds

Jakarta - Wikipedia was celebrating his birthday. But at the age of 15, the encyclopedia site must figure out a way to get fresh funding for the development of its services.
Photo: Telegraph
Service was launched on January 15, 2001 it will make a new donation program to receive USD 250 million or about 3.4 trillion. This online encyclopedia is indeed dependent on donations for continuity of operations.

The program will start with a cash donation of USD 1 million donated by Jim Pacha, Wikipedia software engineer who died in 2014.

According to the plan, the program will run until 2026. When the target fund is reached, Wikipedia discontinue this program. Wikipedia is still planning to ask for donations from its users in order to keep it clean of advertising services.

"We have a funding model that is better at this time. However, the internet is changing, so this is not something we can count forever. Wikipedia is unique, and funding exist to ensure the wealth of culture will never disappear," he said.

As quoted by ABC News, Friday (15/01/2016), additional income from this donation program will greatly help Wikipedia. As is known, although popular as a reference encyclopaedia many people, Wikipedia had to struggle to stabilize financial. (rns / rou)

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