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    2016, BlackBerry Focus Work On Android Smartphone

    Friday, January 8, 2016, January 08, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-09T01:55:57Z
    Las Vegas - BlackBerry will not be releasing the latest series of BlackBerry 10 this year. Because, after the release of BlackBerry Priv, a Canadian vendor wants to focus more lines wrestle Android device which is judged to be a big opportunity for business.
    Acquisition of Good Technology is judged to be a step BlackBerry to pay more attention to Android users in the enterprise segment
    In fact, the BlackBerry was previously rumored to still be working on Android smartphones other than Priv.

    According to what reported by Fortune, Friday (01/08/2016), BlackBerry CEO John Chen has said that it indeed wants to focus on developing businesses Android device.

    At the time of an exclusive interview with CNET on mat Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2016 held in Las Vegas, USA, he revealed that the presence of BlackBerry 10 is not the momentum of the 'fit' for consumers and developers.

    As is known, to the current BlackBerry device business has decreased. To that end, the presence of Android BlackBerry device at an affordable price is expected to attract the attention of consumers.

    In fact, the BlackBerry's native operating system itself disclosed only to annex one percent market share by October 2015 ago.

    While the devices with the Android operating system actually soared by a total of 52.9 percent in the same time. That's what makes the BlackBerry 'swerved' to decide creating its first Android device on November 2015.

    Currently, sales are still pretty good classified Priv. BlackBerry reported that there were already more than 700 thousand units sold this quarter uintuk. And that number could still grow, because the BlackBerry is also planning to bring Priv to 31 additional markets over the next few months.(Jek / Isk)



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