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    4 The Truth About the Pirate Barbarossa Muslim Message was Twisted by the West

    Thursday, January 7, 2016, January 07, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2019-11-07T08:09:50Z
    The name of Barbarossa, might have in our minds is evil pirate character whose name is already legendary. Cruel, cruel, unfeeling, so the character of the pirates is known to the world. Barbarossa cruel depictions of increasingly punctuated with hits movie Pirates of the Caribbean. As a result, Barbarossa vile doctrine was further embedded in the memory of everyone.

    Barbarossa was actually there and not a fictional character who is often believed by many people. However, he is not the person that is violent and cruel, but it was very heroic and far from despicable traits. Barbarossa's own existence is very important for the development of the Islamic world. Yes, because he is a Muslim. Problem cruel and callous, it only charges alone. However, on a worldwide prestige and make the western nations fear it is true.

    The history tells the story of Barbarossa that contrary to what we read or see in movies today. For whatever reason, but there are indications that the west like want to change history by twisting tale story of the sailors of this genius.

    1. Beginning Occurrences Barbarossa

    Barbarossa which we now know is the name for a course, but the original Barbarossa is the name of two brothers, Aruj and Khairuddin. Barbarossa name meaning Red Beard, is the nickname given by Europeans because of the appearance Aruj and Khairuddin who indeed had bushy red beard.

    The two brothers became the most feared pirates Europeans [Image Source]
    The beginning, the two brothers are just ordinary young man who lived simply. However, there was a moment in which it changed the course of their lives forever. Once, Aruj and Khairul and his sister perform a trade trip. However, halfway through their ship badly damaged by Spanish military vessels. Aruj and Khairul's sister died when the tragedy. This makes both furious and ultimately revenge.
    Both brothers decided to become a pirate by destroying every ship Spaniards, both for trade and military. This action lasted long enough, and eventually tersebarlah name Barbarossa Brothers throughout Europe which is so feared and respected.

    2. Revenge Being Jihad Struggle

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    At the same moment when the name Barbarossa brothers ships haunting Europe, Islam in Andalusia, Spain crash. Millions of Muslims were slaughtered while the rest suffered severe torture. So precarious state at the time and subsequently heard by the Sultan of the Turkish Ottoman dynasty, if in the middle of the ocean there are two Muslim brothers whose names are very frightening for Europeans.

    Muslim rescue mission in Andalusia [Image Source]

    In short, get the trust Emperor Barbarossa brothers to carry out rescue missions Muslims in Andalusia. Two brothers Barbarossa also receive this command and they were a huge success. By having experience of marine and combat reliable, both alternating managed to save little by little the Muslims. Barbarossa brothers and eventually handed the reins of leadership elite Janissary troops.

    3. Sea Turkish Ottoman Military Glory and Death Aruj

    In the hands of Barbarossa brothers sultanate Turkey became one of the nation with the most fearsome military power sea. Many missions were successfully carried out. For example mastery of several areas controlled by the Europeans and the Crusaders. One of these regions in northern Africa are strategic.
    After the death of Khairul Aruj fend for themselves and bring pride for the Turkish Ottoman [Image Source]
    Already tens or even hundreds of times a sea battle took place between the Turkish Ottoman and Europe, but the majority won by Barbarossa brothers. However, there was a moment in which this so Pulukan hardest for Khairudin Barbarossa. It is none other than the brother of sejiwanya Aruj death in a battle against the Europeans.

    This incident became a spirit burner Khairudin more leverage to be able to fight again. The result was remarkable. Sea fully mastered middle and northern Africa. None of the European nations that dare ships passing through the area Khairudin, unless they are willing to pay the jizya or taxes. Makin jumawa elite maritime force is in the hands of Barbarossa, who has his own time.

    4. Battle Against Andrea Doria, the European Pride Sailors

    The most Heroic Struggle of Barbarossa or Khairudin, is when he is confronted with the Andrea Doria. This man is known as a military frontman Europeans whose name is so mashyur because his experience is already very much. Andrea Doria been already nobody can against Barbarossa.
    Battle against Andrea Doria won brilliantly by Barbarossa [Image Source]
    This thrilling battle occurred around 1538 in which both parties are very unequal conditions. Doria led hundreds of warships Galleon legendary, coupled with combat troops by the hundreds of thousands. Barbarossa, he only has a third of the power of both the ship and the enemy troops. Nevertheless, it did not make Barbarossa feel fear or retreat.

    Battles were tough but the aura of victory could be felt the Barbarossa. Only about 5 hours of battle, Khairul and his Janissary troops managed to storm the Andrea Doria to step down. Again, the name Barbarossa increasingly jumawa in the ocean. While the Doria had not dared to look up again because of the pride of Europe has been lost.

    That's the story that is written in the history of Barbarossa, the Muslim captain whose name was greatly feared by Europe. Western nations later to twist the original story that showed the opposite characteristics to the original Barbarossa. Barbarossa himself had been killed as told by them, he breathed his last at the age of 68 years with very quiet in his private room. source

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