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    5 Destinations That Can Make You Stop Chat

    Wednesday, January 27, 2016, January 27, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-28T04:14:09Z
    Places in Indonesia following, will make you remove the gadget because the signal difficult to obtain. But still, please enjoy a beautiful panorama!
    Photo: Afif Farhan/detikTravel
     As we know, the exotic destinations are usually remote location. Either the island in the middle of the ocean, or in the inland wilderness. That's where the delicious, we can be satisfied without having merely holding holiday gadget and a chat.

    Compiled Updetails.com, Thursday (01/28/2015) This is 5 destinations that make you stop chat:
        (John Randy / detikTravel)

    1. Inland Papua

    Holidays to the interior of Papua, to see the landscape and culture that people rarely see. A traveler can go to Wamena, to explore the Baliem, met mummy to see gahar war dance.

    Or, try venturing into the village Sugapa and Ugimba. Village near Carstensz Peak, one of the seven highest peaks on seven continents. There are many places unspoiled, from the forest to the river that purportedly jurasic reverse flow from the feet to the top of the mountain.

    The interior of Papua, has not received telephone signal. So, just turn off your cell phones and gadgets and holidays to the maximum.

    (MC Nugraha / d Traveler)
    2. Peaks

    Some mountain peaks in Indonesia, the phone signal is difficult to obtain. This of course syik, because you can enjoy the panoramic view from the top of the mountain without busy checking social media or chat with friends.

    Please explore each corner to get the best views. But remember, be careful and obey the regulations yes!

    If you have the time and costs more, it never hurts to climb the Seven Summit Indonesia, alias seventh highest peak in Indonesia. The list is Mount Bukit Raya (2,278 masl) in Central Kalimantan, Mount Binaiya (3,207 masl) in Maluku, Mount Latimojong (3,478 masl) in South Sulawesi, Mount Semeru (3,676 masl) in East Java, Mount Rinjani (3,726 masl) in Lombok Mount Kerinci (3,805 masl) in Jambi and Carstensz (4884 masl) in Papua.

    (Shafa / detikTravel)
    3. Wae Rebo, NTT

    One of the most famous traditional village in Indonesia, it is definitely Wae Rebo. Its location is in the middle of the mountains of Central Manggarai, Flores, NTT. From Labuan Bajo, you can go to Denge village which is the starting point of the trip.

    Prepare stamina, because the distance to be traveled on foot towards the village of Wae Rebo of Denge reach 9 kilometers to the terrain meliak-contortion. If you use a time, can be 4 hours.

    Once in Wae Rebo, you will be amazed by 7 houses Niang (local custom house) that is above an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level. The houses are located cone shaped circular and face each other. The scenery around is green mountains like a giant tapestry. Clean blue sky becomes the roof, perfect!

    Wae Rebo already more than 100 years old and still adhered firmly ancestral customs. The local community rejected the inclusion of the technology because they can create an atmosphere and culture damaged. Coupled with the lack of mobile phone signal, you feel like in the middle of nowhere a beautiful place.

    (Hardy Limiyanto / dTraveler)

    4. Sombori, Southeast Sulawesi

    Sombori is Morowali Water Conservation Area. Sombori located on the border between Southeast Sulawesi and Central Sulawesi. The closest access is through Kendari, followed by a six-hour drive to the pier Lafeu in Central Sulawesi. Then continued by boat towards Sombori with about three hours.

    Sombori has a nickname as Raja Ampat its Southeast Sulawesi. Yes, many islands of coral with turquoise sea graded there. The water is clear, and in the sea is rich with coral reefs.

    A stretch of white sandy beach really beautiful to look at. note ya, exotic spots there that Diamond Cave, Koko Beach, Island Two and many more. Keep in mind, if there is no electricity and signals in Sombori. For the traveler who wants to calm down and thirst for adventure, Sombori in Central Sulawesi could be a recommendation of the best sights without having to busy playing gadget.

    (Yuki Anggia Princess / dTraveler)

    5. Peucang, Banten

    Peucang Island National Park Ujung Kulon, Banten so a traveler refuge from Jakarta and Bandung. The island is still natural, fresh air and away from urban bustle. Moreover, there is no phone signal.

    Located at the western tip of Java island, who would need extra effort to achieve, Peucang undoubtedly save stunning natural beauty. Portrait of white sand beaches has graced the albums of the walkers. Some mentioned that the islands included in Ujung Kulon National Park has a nature that is still wild.

    Anything that you can do in Peucang, please trekking to the coral reef Copong which is perforated like Tanah Lot in Bali, photographing bull in Cidaon, canoeing in Muara Cigenter encountered or snorkel in Cihandarusa. really digital detox! (sst / sst)


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