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    66% Discount Traveler averse Without Gadgets

    Wednesday, January 27, 2016, January 27, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-28T03:38:59Z
    Vacation without gadgets

    Now, gadgets become one of the most important tools when traveling. The proof, 66% trusted traveler says 'no' when offered traveling without gadgets.
    In fact, the holiday without the gadget is still possible in a world full of technology. The proof, the old days when there is no gadget, the traveler can still streets where. If the requested vacation without gadgets, the first question that probably occurred in your mind is: what it was like vacation without uploading photos to social media?

    detikTravel conducted a survey by asking questions through social media networks and communities. The survey was conducted throughout Wednesday (01/27/2016). The question is simple, a vacation without gadgets, YES or NO?

    Of all respondents collected detikTravel, 66% trusted traveler said NO. While the remaining 34% said YES. That is, the dependence on gadgets while traveling is quite high.

    "Nay nay nay noooo ... We live in the digital age, the gadget many positive benefits anyway," said a traveler named Dian Ekawati throughdhyaNKeecciill account.

    Something similar is agreed by Christine Siregar throughchristinemsrg Twitter account, as well as some other traveler.

    "NO. Not about narcissistic, but fear of a stray or there are unexpected events. At least we can love gadgets news," he wrote.

    "NO. Kepake really for nyari road," said Shinta throughshintawg account.

    "Now I actually hardly ever photographs of disposable cameras, all of my gadgets. So do not possible to present conditions, the roads do not carry the gadget," said one dTraveler, Merza Gamal.

    However, some of the traveler agrees with the opposite. They agreed on the word YES because the essence of traveling is not limited by the gadget.

    "It could really. Could be enjoying the atmosphere, scenery and chatting with people around, so more tasteless vacation," said dTraveler named Dyah Isnaemi.

    "It could really. If you want to find any info can ask people around there, makes us more interaction with people around us. Quieter and enjoyable holidays because there is no burden of the office!" Rani said Tezar which is also one dTraveler.

    Though in fact, some people who say YES continue to apply exceptions. Gadgets still needed their usefulness in certain destinations.

    "Must carry gadgets such as cameras remarkable destinations cross-eyed if a storm, and the possibility of returning to the site of the very thin. For example to Raja Ampat. Already cool, expensive tickets, continue to not bring a camera? Can cry blood," said Van Alvin.

    If you, dare not traveling without gadgets? (sst / sst)


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