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    About the Red Card, Wenger Call Costa Clever Utilizing Situation

    Sunday, January 24, 2016, January 24, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-25T01:24:04Z
    London - Arsene Wenger commented on the red card earned Per Mertesacker when Arsenal lost to Chelsea. According to him, Mertesacker was expelled for Diego Costa clever use of situations.
    Face Chelsea at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday (01/24/2016) night, Arsenal's 0-1 defeat. Costa became the hero wins the visitors through its sole goal that was created in the 23rd minute.
    Photo: Getty Images/Clive Mason
    Five minutes before scoring, Costa involved an incident with Mertesacker. He is the immediate opportunity to compete one on one with Petr Cech breakthrough after receiving feedback from Willian dropped by Mertesacker.

    Referee Mark Clattenburg, who led the fight immediately pull the red card out of his pocket and held it up to Mertesacker. Arsenal should spend their most of the match with 10 players was finally subdued.
    Responding red card Mertesacker, Wenger rate the players expelled for roles Costa. Spanish international striker called clever use of situations.

    "We can not influence the referee's decisions. Costa makes two players sent in two games so he's clever," said Wenger told Sky Sports.
    "Mertesacker conducted an experiment to tackle but I say he managed to make Mertesacker was sent off. You can not say it's not true."

    "At the first meeting he made Gabriel expelled and today Mertesacker," continued Wenger refers to incidents between Gabriel and Costa in the first meeting at Stamford Bridge.
    "Did he touch it? I need to see it again but the fact is a fact. I do not accuse him of anything, that's what happened," he said.(nds / cas)


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