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    Acquainted with Trangkoters, Robot Cicaheum-Ciroyom Public Transportation from Bandung

    Sunday, January 17, 2016, January 17, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-18T07:56:05Z
    Bandung - For the citizens of Bandung, public transportation department Cicaheum-Ciroyom familiar. Polet orange green public transportation is today often wara back and forth transporting passengers. What if public transportation is turned into a robot?
    Photo: Avitia Nurmatari
    AFP tried to 'get acquainted' with colored robots such as public-Ciroyom Cicaheum that mejeng Cibeunying Park, South Cibeunying Street, Bandung. The robot named Trangkoters.

    Like a robot, green and orange Trangkoters stood upright with his left foot to the front.

    In each of her feet are black wheels. His hands shaped like the front door of public transportation. While chest shaped like a bumper public transportation.

    At the foot of the right side there is a button that can make this robot voice. If one button is pressed, then the robot will sound like honking, until the voice of one who is stopping public transportation.

    "Kiri mang .. kiri .. kiri," it read (in English Left mang .. left .. left).

    Trangkoters interest was a favorite of children aged under five. This morning around three small children were running around the robot. They occasionally look around and holding the robot in amazement.

    Hani (35) brings with her daughter Alya (4) to play in the park Cibeunying this morning. Hani said he was happy the more a nice park in the city of Bandung.

    "Yeah rather than invites to play to the mall, the park mending wrote. It's funny no robot of all public transportation. Not bad while eating give the child, while running," said Hani citizens of the Cicadas.

    Trangkoters is also a favorite of the children to take pictures. They stood beside the robot while stylish. Cekrek!(avi / ern)


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