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    Aircraft It Can Prevent Fatalities in accidents Flight?

    Monday, January 18, 2016, January 18, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-19T03:13:51Z
    Aircraft design works Tatarenko Vladimir Nikolaevich
    Kiev - Facts show, airplanes still be the safest transport capital in the world. However, a number of accidents involving aircraft made a number of people are afraid of taking off.

    For example, the mystery disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370, MH17 is shot down in the sky Ukraine, AirAsia QZ8501 fragments found in the Strait Karimata, and much more.

    To remove these concerns, an engineer from Ukraine filed a revolutionary discovery: the cabin air can be released at any time during emergency conditions. Which enables passengers landed safely on the ground, also on the water though.

    "Vladimir Nikolaevich Tatarenko findings could possibly save hundreds of lives were threatened floated in the accident that occurred in mid-flight," said NDTV quoted from the site, Monday (18/01/2016).

    Nikolaevich already developed the idea for 3 years, but only recently released.

    So, what are detached cabins can land safely?

    This is possible thanks to a parachute attached to the cabin - which will automatically open when the capsule bottom dislodged from the other plane - order the top and cockpit.

    "Saving the lives of the passengers in the plane crash incident is possible. When the engineers in the world working hard to make aircraft increasingly safe, they can not do anything against the human factor," said Tatarenko to Liveleak.

    "The technology exists today, such as the use of Kevlar or carbon fiber composites are used for machine parts, wings, fins (flap), spoilers, ailerons and tail (tail) in the design."

    Design was initiated by placing Tatarenko including luggage storage space under the cabin, so that there was no case of loss of property when separation of the capsule to be done.

    This is not the first idea was initiated Tatarenko. Previously, he registered a patent on the invention of rescue capsule system that can save the lives of the passengers.

    More than 2,000 human lives drift in a plane crash since 2012. Therefore, the new technology is expected to reduce the number of fatalities in the incident flight.

    Aircraft design works Tatarenko Vladimir Nikolaevich
    However, as quoted from, a number of people skeptical of the idea proposed Tatarenko.

    One of them is related to elements which can be separated from the aircraft. Allegedly, it would weaken the overall structure of the aircraft. Or, perhaps making more expensive.

    Others wondered what the hell was going to happen to the pilot and flight crew?
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