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    Arfian struggle before Global, Selling Milk to So Night Guard

    Monday, January 4, 2016, January 04, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-05T06:06:21Z
    Salatiga - unyielding figure embedded in self Arfian Fuadi (29). Engineering design for the sake of learning, vocational graduates have worked hard to work. Open the photo printing up to be a night watchman, he lived.
    Photo :  Angling Adhitya P/detikcom
    Arfian who met AFP at his home, Canden, Tingkir, Salatiga, Monday (04/01/2016), worked as a guard workshops, photo printing, sale of spare parts in one place at relatives in Demak. In fact, he became a night watchman at the post office.

    "On the sidelines I learned. Wear your computer, print a photo that's there is a computer. I sell milk in Semarang also never," he recalls.

    Arfian underwent the course at a private university in Semarang. But only lasted two semesters due to hampered costs. He continues to struggle with work to successfully buy a computer. Together with his brother, M Arie Kurniawan (24), in 2009 they founded Dtech-ENGINEERING, then seek an order through the site outsourcing.

    "The first computer AMD 3000+, RAM given brothers, VGA also, the father also helped. It was already qualified for the study. It's still there, create a keepsake," he said.

    The first order came from Germany to make a measuring instrument. At that time, the device project is confidential and consists of several components. They were given the opportunity to make one of the components.

    Since then, the orders kept coming and they started to make various designs. Now, Dtech-ENGINEERING own office and consisting of 7 people, 6 of them graduates of vocational school. Dozens order design of various countries can be acted every month.

    Arfian a 7 Semarang SMK graduates in 2005, while his brother, Arie is a graduate of N 2 Salatiga 2005. For both, did not graduate from college does not mean finished. In fact, the determination brothers are increasingly doubled. The result can be seen today. (alg / try)


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