Aston Martin showcased engine with Twin Turbo V12 Anyar

London -Aston Martin DB10 may have already shown, to succeed James Bond film. And now this British manufacturer also confirmed that it will introduce a more frightening DB11.
Photo: Reuters/Neil Hall
Kesangaran DB11 is directly exposed to the latest V12 engine capacity of 5.2 liter Twin Turbo along the arms. as reported caranddriver.

Even for the more seductive lover, Aston Martin also listen to the roar of the engine to show his toughness.

It is not yet clear when the British car will actually be introduced. However, by showing the toughness of this engine, many predict Aston Martin will be exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2016 tomorrow.

Curious? Otolovers Check out the video below!

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