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    Bibit Samad story that Fooled When Accept Position Chairman of the Board of Trustees Gafatar

    Monday, January 11, 2016, January 11, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-12T03:16:17Z
    Jakarta - Former KPK leaders Bibit Samad Riyanto has served as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Gerakan Fajar Nusantara (Gafatar). Seed admitted accepting it because deceived. Gafatar he thinks really develop social events, turned out to spread the new religion.
    Photo: Agung Pambudhy
    "I fooled mas. That's why I resigned. I was so Chairman of the Board of Trustees in 2013, and withdrew in 2014," said Seed when talking, Tuesday (12/01/2016).

    Seedlings consciously deceived himself when he was invited to meet great leaders Gafatar called a messiah at its main headquarters in Ciputat.

    "Loh's okay. It's a new religion, I immediately resign on the spot. But I said to them, you are going against the community," said Seed recalled her experience in 2014 ago.

    Men's messiah is called Moshadeq. Seeds directly search the internet, and the man believed Gafatar as the messiah was never tried in Bogor in 2009 because of blasphemy.

    "So I say, this is not right. They are merging advent of Islam and the seventh day, that kind of is," he explained.

    During her time as Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Seeds never given training in the work program Gafatar. He traveled to several areas of Bali, Makassar, to Jakarta.

    "I give training on the fight against corruption and Pancasila. But they do not seem to care," he explained.

    Beginning join Gafatar, recognized Seeds for life and social work done Gafatar. Ranging from community service to hygiene, blood donor, to the social services of health.

    "I was interested because these activities and in line with my desire to fight corruption, the time I was already not in the Commission. But it turns out there is even such a new religion. I resign not fit, it does not fit with my ideology," he concluded.(dra / dra)



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