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    Bill Gates The Bookworm

    Monday, January 4, 2016, January 04, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-05T05:47:04Z
    Jakarta - Bill Gates admitted that he had read since childhood addiction. It is one of the key intelligence and founder of Microsoft's success. Not just reading, he even had time to write some book reviews on his blog, Gates Notes.
    Bill Gates (gatesnotes)
    Here's a short interview with Bill Gates that tell about his addiction read, quoted from the New York Times.

    Like what role reading in your life?

    Reading is one of the main ways for me to learn and I've done since childhood. Lately, I was visiting interesting places, meet with scientists, and witnessed many online college. But reading is still the main way for me to learn new things and test understanding.

    What made you decide to write a book review on a blog?

    I have always loved to read and learn, so I thought it would be nice if people read a review of the book and also feel compelled to read and share what they think with his friends.

    One of the main reasons I started a blog to share my thinking it is a matter of what I read. So it's nice to see people write their reactions and recommendations in the comments field.

    How do you choose a book to be read?

    Melinda and I sometimes exchange books we love. I also get a recommendation from a friend. After finishing a good book, I often try to find other books by author same or similar books on the same subjects.

    Tell me about the process of selecting your favorite book of last year

    I did not do it on purpose, but when I remember the book I read years ago, I realized many containing themes about how things work. Some, such as the works of Randall Munroe Thing Explainer written exactly for that reason. He uses diagrams and common English words to explain complex ideas.

    Another of my favorite books in the past year offers views about human beings, about what values ​​our weaknesses and our strengths.

    Did you also read the novel?

    I did not read a lot of fiction but never surprised to find love with a novel entitled The Rosie Project works Graeme Simsion. Melinda who first read them and sometimes read aloud. Finally, I decided to read it.

    I started reading the novel at 11 pm and transmissivity until 3 in the morning. The novel was very funny and also showed a lot of empathy for people who are struggling in various social situations.
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