Calculated Depression, Turns Women's Taxable Rare Brain Disease

London, two years ago, Hollie Turner began to complain of fatigue and constantly feel thirsty after gave birth to her daughter, Myah. Doctors suspect he was exposed to diabetes or thyroid disorders, so Hollie asked to undergo a series of tests.
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But apparently to no avail. By the doctor, then Hollie was diagnosed with depression. "He was back and forth to the doctor, but all of them said he was just depressed and gave him treatment for patients with depression," said the mother, Sherri Thompson.

Until one day, Hollie intended to visit his grandmother in London. Hollie who usually drink every five minutes or so, suddenly that day do not drink at all, particularly along the way. Not him, in the middle of the road Hollie unconscious.

21-year-old woman was eventually taken to a hospital. When checked, the doctors had said that if a little late, Hollie may be dying because it turned out he had a tumor in his brain.

It's just the exact diagnosis can only be given a team of doctors and a half months later. They said that Hollie suffering from Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH). Similar to leukemia, LCH is actually triggered by the excessive production of Langerhans cells.

Langerhans cell itself is one type of white blood cell that exist on the skin and helps fight infections that enter the body.

The problem is, the number of cells was not only excessive but also has spread to other body parts, including the pituitary gland in the brain. Here the Langerhans cells can form tumors and trigger permanent organ damage.

Since discovered suffering from LCH, Hollie also had to undergo chemotherapy, approximately one year duration. Unfortunately, what the doctors feared proven. LCH in the body Hollie already lead to permanent organ damage.

Until finally the lover of Joe Glover was breathed her last a few days ago. "Despite the pain, she had never complained and was always concerned with his family. He was an inspiration to us all," said Hollie friend, Melissa Glover reports the Mirror. (Lll / vit)

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