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    Community BETA UFO: Ball Lights in the Sky Jakarta is a UFO

    Monday, January 4, 2016, January 04, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-05T01:29:44Z
    Jakarta - The moment of the New Year marred the testimony of several people in Jakarta and surrounding areas who claims to have seen a mysterious flaming ball in the sky. This flaming balls believed to be the unidentified flying object (UFO) by a number of parties and it is also believed by observers UFO community in Indonesia, BETA UFO.

    red dot sighting in Kampung Utan (Photo: Meizon / reader AFP)
    BETA analyze UFO photographs as well as a statement sent readers AFP at the weekend. The pictures were actually rather difficult to be reviewed because the resolution is not good and there is a blur. However, there are some things that can be inferred from the testimony.

    Board BETA UFO, haughty Ragatha said that the results of the analysis indicate a low object height or approximately less than 0.5 km. Shape of the object is a ball that emits a perfect light (white), but the identity of the red color spectrum when it reaches the outer side of the center light. BETA UFO also assess the flaming ball seen a number of readers AFP 90% identical.

    "Based on the characteristics mentioned above, then the object is certainly not lanterns and drones common standards on the market because there was no physical form other than the form of balls shine and / or other lights as markers direction of motion," said haughty via electronic messaging, Tuesday ( 05.01.2016).

    BETA UFO then cites the testimony of a number of residents who claimed to see the light bulb. Agnes Danovar call the object height as high as Monas that means under 0.5 km and in accordance with the results of the analysis of this community. Then, from the testimony Faldy Hartono and Maya, acquired traits same ball that lights up red.

    Ignition timing of the ball is also adjacent to that a few hours before the turn of the year. BETA UFO also see the similarity of the testimony of several witnesses, namely that the motion of the object is not natural or naturally controlled and not free.

    "From the overall analysis, we can conclude that the object was a UFO that is known by the names vary like Red Orbs, Orange Orbs, Nocturnal Light, Foo Fighter-UFO, stars moving / road, ball of light, and so on," said haughty.
    Light bulb in Kalideres (Suminto / reader detikcom)
    He said that the UFO phenomenon (beta) is not new to UFO observers. Photos and videos that show it was more and more uploaded. Even so, many also objects caught on camera is actually a drone.

    "Until now, no single personal or organization that can or have been actually prove what the luminous objects. Particularly that have occurred since the pre-technology era, in which the drone technology has not been created. The identity of the actual object remains a mystery," he explained.

    BETA UFO asserted itself as a community of ufologists, not a UFO devotee. Established in 1997, BETA UFO document, investigations, research and public education as well as the scientific study of UFOs.
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