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    CR7, Candidate King Real Estate?

    Wednesday, January 27, 2016, January 27, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-27T09:58:24Z
    Getty Images / Denis Doyle
    Madrid - Imagine if one day see Cristiano Ronaldo no longer be a footballer, but a businessman? Well, get ready for it. Therefore, the recent CR7 is exploring the real estate business.

    As reported by Spanish media based in Madrid, Marca, Ronaldo has just bought a fancy hotel in the area in Monte Carlo, Monaco. How much it costs? Ahem .. Very expensive, ie 140 million euros ($ 2.1 trillion).

    According to the British company, Proto Group, the hotel purchase agreement reached last week and is a collaboration between the Proto Group, which is owned by Alessandro Proto, as well as businessmen --sekaligus US presidential candidate from the Republicans, Donald Trump.

    This is not the first time Ronaldo to buy a high-priced property. At the end of last year, he bought an apartment in Trump Tower, New York, USA, for 16 million euros ($ 241 billion).

    Hotels and apartments are in the collection of the newest properties. Prior to this, Ronaldo is also working with the Portuguese Hospitality Group, Pestana, which is owned by Dionisio Pestana.

    Through such cooperation, which involves investment of some 70 million euros (1.05 trillion), Ronaldo became the "face" and partner of Pestana. Through the joint venture, Pestana open four hotels in four different locations, namely in Funchal (Madeira, Portugal, island-born Ronaldo), Lisbon, Madrid, and New York.

    On 3 January, Ronaldo reveal his plans after retirement. Through his words, it was revealed that he had no intention at all to become a coach or manager. He wants to be able to enjoy life on the weekends, not like today.

    "There is still life outside football. You could say that you've got the best job, money, cars, houses ... but it's not everything," said Ronaldo told Eurosport.

    "For example: On Saturday, there was a boxing match in Las Vegas and I wanted to bring the family and my friends there, but I do not have time."

    "After I retire, I want to live like a king," said Ronaldo.

    King of real estate, maybe? (Roz / krs)



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